Fashion Week in Toronto

Now I have to say I'm EXTREMELY embarassed to be from Toronto.  We are THE MOST multicultural city in the world and walking around on the streets every day I see such a variety of unique fashion styles that it's impossible NOT to be inspired.
Our fashion week was weak, (no pun intended) and there are only a few measly designer outfits worth showcasing.  Our city is so rich in culture that I would have loved to see this translate into more of the fashion shows and parties.  Tonight is the huge closing party at David Dixon (he did the Barbie line!)  but unfortunately I'm going to have to miss it for Armin Van Buuren and David Guetta at Guvernment.
Time to put on my dancing shoes!!!
If only they hosted the closing ceremonies at GUVERNMENT!!!
On a side note:  Toronto... I am embarassed.  Milan, Paris...  I AM COMING!!!!!!!!

Few measly highlights:

I love the colours, patterns, textures, shapes, & styles of these outfits.
For full coverage and more on the designers check out:

Xo Veronica


  1. I'm surprised. Toronto is such a lovely clean city and must make a lovely backdrop for on the street fashion photo shots. I would have thought more designers would want to be there. Then again, as beautiful as Toronto is, it may be a bit chilly outdoors there for all the underwear as outerwear, lacy ruffled and light Spring and Summer fashions. Perhaps another show there for summer would draw a much bigger crowd - or were you putting us on a little on this April Fool's Day? I can't imagine someone being embarrassed to be from Toronto.

  2. the colours do look nice...

    and have fun with david guetta!!!!

  3. LOL i'm from Atlanta..its okay..all of us stylish girl will be in Paris where we belong =)


    JEALOUS you get to see Guetta!!!My fav song is Tomorrow can wait

  4. ahhh the last one with the cute socks!! I love it!
    Lovely blog.

    xx fesi-fashion

  5. great post
    love all those looks

  6. love all the dresses!!!
    cool pics!!!


  7. I'll take one of each please! Especially the last one ;-)

  8. Thank you for your comment on mx blog!
    great dresses, last one is my fav!

  9. I do love the second photo! xx


  10. oh honey toronto fashion week isn't that bad, obviously you haven't been to vancouver fashion week or bc fashion week ;) haha. i wish ours were as good as TO!


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