Weekend Post - Quick note...

Baby, I just want to love you this is crazy...
I'm always thinking of you, you're amazing
There's no one else above you, devastating though
Is the way that life's corrupted you...

Hey guys :)
I'm sorry to say that my CAMERA CHARGER IS LOST so I think this is a sign to buy a NEW CAMERA.  Anyways I have barely any time before I leave for work and I have a very busy weekend ahead so I thought I'd just post a quick hello post with a picture of me wearing my favourite pink cowboy hat :)  This is me wanting to go out west for the summer!  At least for a bit.  Love and miss Alberta!!

Necklace, gift
Hat, vendor in Calgary
Jacket - Urban behaviour
Clutch - Coach

...and a few gorgeous photos I found on the web of some HAUTE COUTURE.

 This one is a bit of trivia :)  First person to get all the dress designers from these three photos will get a link on my blog! :)

  Any big formal events coming up for any of you?  I am going to my friend's birthday party downtown Toronto tomorrow so I can't wait to dress up and take pictures!!  I will post the photos probably Sunday.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading :)
Xoxo Veronica


  1. Beautiful photos!!!!! I really like your hat & hair!!


  2. cute hat!
    lovely photos!


  3. hi darling thanks for stopping by!hope youre having an wonderful weekend. i want an new camera too- but the one i have is still working and i have an charger for it.. but it is however falling completely apart.. haha no more screws left- so ive had to tape it. and the buttons have fallen off- but it still manages to produce great photos - so its stupid to swap it before its actually dead.

    xx ediot

  4. love all those dresses that you posted, they are fabulous!!


  5. love the blog but i have no idea the designers re to th whoe dresses lol. your so cute with that pink cowboy hat!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment! Am loving your blog as well! xx




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