Vogue Spain

When I'm rich enough I plan to have a subscription to every Vogue, right now I have UK US and Austrailia. These images are from Vogue Spain November, which I plan to subscribe to along with Vogue Italy as soon as I learn the languages.

Chic Neutral Tones - GORGEOUS
Flowy, Funky, Edgy & Fabulous

Photos by Julia Stegner

Happy Halloween

I am definitely somewhat ashamed to say that I ordered my costume online. I still think the idea is creative, I'm a BARTENDER so I decided to go as a beer wench... "FRAUDELIN" is the correct term. One of those Oktoberfest girls. The only ones I have as of now are crappy phone pics. Anyways I have to say the quality of this costume is amazing, I got it from buycostumes.com. It's supposed to be "one size fits all" but I'm barely a size two and I can't imagine it fitting anyone with a larger chest than me, or a longer torso. I'm working a 12 hour shift at the bar today 3:00 - 3:00 so I'll try to get some good costume pics on my camera and post them tomorrow.

Halloween - Friday / Saturday night costume - Beer Wench
Shoes: Mary Jane pumps, Hush Puppies

Halloween - Thursday night costume - Santa's Little Helper (an ELF?)
Red dress, Buffalo. Green jacket, Dynamite. Fanny pack, Gucci. Belt, Gucci. Boots, Aldo.

Halloween - last year!
I went as an angel/devil mix.
Red dress, Buffalo. White dress, Guess.


On an unrelated note, I'm waiting the arrival of a few items from ASOS.com. I ordered this imitation rosary pendent, and I was wondering if this is blasphemy to wear. I simply adore it.

Off to be a beer wench for the night!


Fashion Week / Haute Couture

Fashion week almost everywhere has wrapped up, let's look at some of the highlights...
Everyone loves to oggle haute couture. Well, I do anyways. Just wanted to take this opportunity to remark on a particular moral that is often ignored in the fashion industry: the philosophy of modeling is that the designer wants the product to appear on the model as it would appear on a hanger. This means that skinny is not necessarily glamorous OFF the runway, or sexually appealing, but is necessary in order to depict the garments accurately. Now for some pictures!

Spring 2010
Dolce and Gabbana, Italy
Absolutely adore the two on the far left. The white tube top is feminine and delicate, and I love the way the neutrals work together. The boots are Western and fabulous, and the frills are prominent without being over-kill. The far right could do without the pants? I'd go with a light denim skinny jean to math the outfit.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010
Black, white, and lace are all trade marks of Dolce and Gabbana. Flawless and simple. Strong shoulders without being too masculine. The femininity of the material really balances out the masculinity of the form.

Isabel Marant Spring 2010
This top is snow white and again the tie at the bottom right corner offsets the masculin shape. The shiny black mini is perfectly balanced with the loose armed, flowy top. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous.

Celine Spring 2010
This bright coloured dress has asymetrical centered design that is funky and 80's. The Western, frayed boots at a glance appear to clash but adds a more urban, funky feel to this otherwise chic, retro dress.

Burberry Fall 2009
Milan, Italy
Sophisticated and fabulous! Oversized sweaters and shirts are in, but usually not done together. I love the neutrals and the leggings and boots are the best part of the outfit.

Dsquared2, a CANADIAN design duo, Dean and Dan Caten, Fall 2009
Milan, Italy
Retro and glamorous, this outfit has so much going on including an urban Starbucks cup to add to the city feel. The metallic heels take the look from slouchy to pulled-together.

The Poncho - Raunchy or YES PLEASE?

I’ve been seeing loose-armed sweaters EVERYWHERE. If you must wear them, make sure it is done tastefully and that your entire upper body doesn’t get absorbed into a floppy poncho mess. They are available with or without sleeves, and some wrap around. The idea is not to look like the model above. I understand that weather in Toronto is cold (and getting colder) but think classy British and not floppy Octopus.

I'm a big fan of this one from GUESS.com:

Jewelry Rambles...

When it comes to jewelry, I've often kept simple. A few rings, some hoop or stud earrings, and a pendent necklace. I like to buy a piece that is SEASONLESS, classy, elegant, and will work with every outfit. No funky colours or bulky choices for me. I love pearls, black onyx, diamonds (a girl's best friend), saphires, and silver/white gold. Gold seems to clash with my skin tone. I love pearls, and anything sentimental. Here is a picture of my daily jewelry regimen. Please excuse my HORRIFIC nails, I haven't painted them since bartending on the weekend.

pearl earings: claires
necklace: rainbow jade (real pearl)
bracelet: from a lady in thailand, brought back by my friend vanessa
ring: diamond & saphire, family heirloom --& white gold and diamonds, 21st birthday present from boyfriend

From Tunic to Jersey to Sweaterdress

The idea of making a shirt longer to turn it into a dress is brilliant.
Years ago I found myself often in stores thinking to myself that a particular shirt would be awesome if they would just make it a bit longer and I could wear it as a dress.
My boyfriend often points out that items I let pass for dresses are, in fact, shirts.
This brilliant idea has really evolved over the last few seasons. Worn with leggings, tights, or knee-socks (my personal favourite) this look can be worn year round.

American Apparel does many versions of this idea, from an oversized blouse to a one-shoulder spandex jersey dress.

I also love this look, (I currently own two grey sweater-dresses) stolen from Styletips101.com:

Favourite Purses...

These are a few of my favourite timeless classic purse styles.
I have a cheaper version of the Chanel flap on the way from asos.com. (a British company)
I have a serious addiction to purses and hope to be extremely rich one day as to justify spending 2500$ on a bag.
From top to bottom: dior, gucci, dior, chanel

Countdown to Jimmy Choo @ H&M

This worldwide launch has been talked about for months...

I'm wondering if it will be worth the hype when we see the launch in-store. There seems to be one pair of thigh-high boots, will every girl and her dog want a pair? Lots of shiny, metallic hues... I'm thinking I might grab a clutch & a dress. There is more of a variety with the heels than with the boots, and I must say the heels are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. H&M is launching everything from jewelry to bags and clothes... These 80's inspired styles won't last long!!! I might grab a few of the more "practical" pieces, and I'm willing to bet you'll be seeing this collection EVERYWHERE by Winter 2010.


Personal favourites: Grey dress (top left), blue metallic heels (third from left)


Just Another Fashion Blog...

My name is Veronica, I'm a second/third year University student in Media and Public Relations. I have a very classy taste in fashion & I love black and white. Haute couture is nothing but an inspirational amusement for me, although I must admit I love it passionately. I adore shoes and purses, and aspire to choose traditional, versatile long-lasting seasonless pieces that can be layered, blended, and most importantly re-worn. Here are a few timeless SHOES from my closet that have had much use and will continue to do so.


I will start by emphasizing their COMFORT and versatility. These shoes save me on my long nights bartending. They are easy to take on and off, practical, and feel like walking on a cloud. Recommended: SUEDE CLEANER

Old Navy

I have girlfriends who will wear these until the snow hits the ground. They are cheap cheap and practical as well as available in a million colours.

Steve Madden

I fell in love with these because of the colour - the shiny nude mixes last season's colour with this season's texture and makes for a timeless practicality! These look gorgeous with jeans, skirts, dresses, anything but sweats (unless you are daring).


I have to admit I do not own these, at 500$ a pop I have a similar (cheaper) pair, so these are LUSTED after. Christmas is coming!