Alice in Wonderland Alternate Ending

Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast...

As promised, I shot an editorial style shoot as Alice in Wonderland.  The photos are taken in my back and front yard.  It is a beautiful weekend so I had to take advantage of it and get a high quality camera (borrowed).  I took a few more outfit pictures which I will post in the next few days!
I loved the costumes from the movie.  She kept changing and there were beautiful versions of pale blue dresses, and of course the gloves!!!  I kept waiting for her costume to change for the last scene in the white castle.  I felt she needed one more outfit to complete her costume sequence!!!  This is how her dress should have looked.

Dress:  Dolce and Gabbana
Headband:  DIY
Gloves:  Vintage (Nannas!)
Shoes:  Fergie
Pearl Necklace:  Gift

Xo Veronica


  1. what an awesome editorial :) i can totally see the Alice inspiration, gorgeous D&G dress!

  2. LOVELY dress! What a fun idea, to do your own editorial-- I thoroughly enjoyed it!


  3. you look stunning girl, these photos could be in a magazine, i love them and your outfit is absolutaly fab!
    - i also love alice in wonderland costumes! my favourite was the red dress at the red queens castle

  4. i'm in love with your dress.... so fabulous and chic. I was thinking during the ENTIRE movie how great everything she wore was...I really want all those dresses!! Great Alice in Wonderland inspired pics!!


  5. great shoot! i loved it!!

  6. Cute photos! I love your dress and this shoot was beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. xo


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  8. What a wonderful idea and you are such an amazing beauty!
    My suggestion would be to add more volume to the skirt of the dress. The dress is magnificent, but "Alice In Wonderland" loved wearing skirts with more volume. I would also rethink this shoes - they are a bit heavy looking for this particular story. As a designer I always pay attention at every single detail.:-) Wishing you wonderful Easter!

  9. gorgeous dress!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
    it's really beautiful Iceland, like everywhere looked fake and so unreal. it was pretty and it's such a contrast compared to britain!

  10. Hay girl! Its the first time that I visit your blog and I really love it! Great style!

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