Outfit - Blonde-tenders have more fun!

I'm just on my way to work, my bar used to only open on weekends but now we have 29 cent wings on Wednesdays.  I threw on a quick outfit - I don't usually wear white to work, especially when serving wings, but I thought I'd give it a try and threw on a really old white tank top.  I'm inspired by the Chanel fall runway 2010 so I thought I'd bring out a pair of my old fuzzy grey boots to match the simple, jersey cotton skirt.  The socks were super cheap and add a sporty feel, fresh off the spring 2010 runway.  As you can probably tell by now I love gray, black, and white, and KNEE SOCKS!
Sorry about the poor quality pictures, I am on my way to getting a Cannon Rebel as soon as I stack enough cash at the bar!  I'm averaging 30 hours a week lately so that shouldn't be too long at all.

I love bartending!  You get to be at the center of all the fun and make great money, and if you annoy a bartender she can end your fun pretty quickly!  Wish me luck at WING NIGHT TONIGHT!!!  Please don't mind the big hair, I was having a shower and the hot water turned off so I didn't get to use conditioner.  I didn't even bother going at my hair with the straightener!

Boots - Old
Purse - FCUK
Skirt - H&M
Top - American Eagle
Socks - Ardene (3/10$)
Sweater - Mango

Xo Veronica


  1. Yes ma'am! I wish you luck! You and your hair look great. Just remember you'll still have to live in that body when you get to be my age so don't go to hard on the liver. Your outfit looks very nice. Enjoy.

  2. Cute!


  3. You look amazing! Oh and I love the title, I think we blondes have more fun in general!!! :)


  4. good luck for ur bartending night!

  5. cute outfit! omg cheap wings night sounds heavenly...i miss north american chicken wings

  6. That's so cool. I've always wanted to be a bartender!

  7. Totally diggin' those striped socks!

  8. I love the socks too! I am into knee highs this year also. :D


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