Fashion Award - Gorgeous bloggers

 Hold onto this; to dream is a gift
To love is divine; and I won't bring you down
Hold onto to me; to dream is to be
To live is to shine

 -- Armin Van Buuren

60 followers!!!  Wow thanks so much guys :) :)  Sorry this award came late, I have 13 new followers since yesterday!!

After much consideration, I have decided to give my award to seven beautiul ladies (seven is my lucky number!) who each have written a variety of creative, inspirational posts.  This was a really hard decision because I read so many amazing blogs every day, so I was looking for blogs with lots of post updates, lots of great outfits, trends, and inspirational ideas.  Creativity and beautiful, unique style was also a requirement.  These ladies are gorgeous, talented, with a selection of inspiring posts and outfits displayed on their blogs.  They are also sweet and have stopped by my blog several times and commented, except for Chiara but with so many followers it must be tough and I hope she gets to see the award!

Here is the award!!!!!!!

And here are the beautiful ladies I am presenting it to:

Clockwise from top left:

1)  Lions, Tigers, and Fashion, Oh My!!
This girl is gorgeous and her style is fresh and unique!  Nobody in this blogging world can do DIY posts like she can, the stuff she makes is either completely unique or to copy an expensive runway look, and she often ends up pulling it off better.  The photo is of her spring Burberry look!  The shoes are from Target.  Wish I had access to her thrift store - she finds some of the most amazing items!  Beautiful beautiful blog!
Visit her blog Lions, Tigers, and Fashion, Oh My!

2)  Come Over To The Dark Side, We Have Candy!
This blog has constant posts and give-aways, the girl is gorgeous and she has great edgy, funky style.  Her outfit posts are stunning with unique, fun accessories!  Brownie points for such a creative name.  She has come up with so many unique trends!  Her blog was one of the first ones I found and a blog that inspired me to start my own!
Visit her blog Come Over To The Dark Side, We Have Candy

3)  This Chick's Got Style
All the way from Amsterdam, Yara gets to attend all sorts of exclusive events and blogs about them!  Her outfits are delicate and gorgeous, and the girl is stunning herself.  The title of the blog couldn't be more accurate.  I've been following her blog for a long time as well!
Visit her blog This Chick's Got Style

4)  Inspiration in Italy - The name of this blog caught my attention since I love all things Italian especially fashion.  The blogger is a beautiful girl named Rachel from California who blogs about her designs, outfits, as well as showcases beautiful photography from Italy.  This blog is stunning!  The clothing she makes is incredible.  A runway designer in the making!
Visit her blog Inspiration In Italy

5)  Lolita Says So - This blog is another creative blog with a variety of posts about fashion, and she updates constantly!  Great outfits and fashion photography.  Another gorgeous girl who works very hard on her blog and deserves recognition!
Visit her blog Lolita Says So

6)  The Blonde Salad - Most people are familliar with this blog!  The girl has a gorgeous collection of shoes and purses, and a unique funky style mixed with a lot of great classic pieces.  She is an amazing photographer and always showcases a sequence of photos!  Her blog tells a story and is very entertaining to read.
Visit her blog The Blonde Salad

7)  La Petite Fashionista - This girl is so sweet!  She has commented on my blog several times and always has fun, fresh ideas for posts.  Her outfits are great, she is gorgeous, and she definitely has great style!!  Fantastic blog.
Visit her blog La Petite Fashionista

I shot an outfit this morning, but this post needs to bask in all its glory!
Thank you so much ladies for having such great style and sharing it with the world.  For the blogs not on my blogroll, they will be on soon!

I will put the outfit up soon!
Great job ladies - keep inspiring ;)


  1. Veronica, I am speechless!! This has to be the sweetest, most flattering award I have have ever received!!! I can't tell you how honoured I am to be chosen amongst these gorgeous ladies, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful words you have said about me. These compliments coming from you is HUGE because YOU are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much, you have completely made my day!!!! :):)


  2. These are all really good blogs :) Fabulous choices! Oh and congratooolations on the followers!

    Love love love,



  3. thank you dear! its an honor to be among such stylish bloggers; i lvoe the collage!:)

  4. Great Post & Blog. #1 :) I won the Misikko Giveaway Entry ♥ her blog


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