Be my Valentine

It doesn't matter if you love him,
Or capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
'Cause you were born this way, baby

My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars

She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on

In the glass of her boudoir

There's nothin wrong with lovin who you are

She said, "'cause he made you perfect, babe"


The weather has finally entered positive degrees (mostly) and I am smoked with work and school.
I can't wait for reading week (almost two weeks off!); I have some creative shoots planned for you guys.
Just a few pictures to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Elisabetta Canalis for Roberto Cavalli lingerie

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day 2011
Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur

 Scarlett Johansson for Moet

Some pictures from last week at a club downtown Toronto.  My girlfriend and I went to Wayback Wednesday which is a night of classic dance/euro hits, think DANCE MIX 95.  Good times!

Marilyn Monroe in a Valentine's Day campaign from the 1940's.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Kisses & love,

Top - Smart Set
Kilt - Le Chateau
Nylons - La Vie En Rose
Pearls - Gift
Booties - H&M


Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

Take me away, to a place I've never been before...

It is still freezing here in Toronto, I am really looking forward to some warmer weather and much needed relaxation.  I am loving my courses mostly but there is a lot of group work which can be hard to organize.  I am planning events, working on my resume and digital portfolio, and trying not to fail Statistics.   

Last night I spent the evening at the taping of the BEING FRANK show, which is a Canadian late-night talk show and I got to sit in the front row.
The TV show I work for, Musically Yours, Deirdre Mallehe has a beautiful elegant host who was a guest on the show along with a retired NHL player and a star from a Canadian television series, Being Erica.
I took some pictures with my Rebel, but I can't post them yet since the show has yet to air, they will be up this weekend.

I had a super busy weekend at the bar, it was UFC and Superbowl so I made a ton of cash which is great.  I also sold the most BUD MINI JUGS at work so I got 100 dollars to spend at the mall and a chance to win a trip to Vegas.  I recently bought some shoes from BCBG, ankle boots and flats.  I also picked up three turtlenecks last week in a soft cashmere blend from Jacob, 40$ each (retail) but I got them for the price of three for ten dollars.

Just some pictures to share with you guys for today!  And if you live in Canada make sure you check out Being Frank to see me in the audience this Friday.  Check back this weekend for backstage photos.  :)  Hope the weather where you are is great and as always thanks for reading!
Me and Theo Fleury at hair and make up!  He is such a nice guy with a touching story, pick up his book if you get a chance, Playing With Fire.
 Getting ready in my bathroom and playing with my Rebel testing all the lighting.  I am getting better with my camera!
Busy girl!  Snapped this in my car before I left my house to go to the event.  Sunglasses from Ralph Lauren.
My ten dollar purchase from Jacob.  They are super soft and not itchy at all, and I love how they fit!
New shoes from BCBG!  The leather is super soft and they are comfortable and of course gorgeous, excellent craftmanship!

Me on the set!  I don't think I was supposed to get this picture taken but I love it so I am sharing it with you guys!

Some more pictures from the show!!!

Theo Fleury and the host of Musically Yours, Deirdre Mallehe.  For more information about the television show I am interning for, visit www.deirdremallehe.com.

It is so great to finally be working in the Media industry.  I love bartending but I love PR more!  Can not wait for more opportunities like this.

Skirt - Guess

Turtleneck - Jacob
Necklace - Tiffany's
Socks - Betsey Johnson
Boots - Aldo
New boots - BCBG 
New flats - BCBG
Blazer (first picture) - Zara

XO Veronica


Outfit - Cut out shoulders

"If you're going to have two faces, at least make one of them pretty." 
-Marilyn Monroe

If there is one thing to value in life it is the ability to be real.  Make decisions honestly and only interact with people who are not fake, and will say the same thing to your face as they do behind your back.  I have never minded criticism, but it really hurts when someone pretends to feel one way about you and then the truth does not come out until later.

My advice is to listen to your intuition and to surround yourself with positive, honest people who will tell you when you are having a bad hair day but not just say it behind your back to the girl sitting beside them.

I had a really great class today about emotional intelligence and it really hit some chords with me, I am so far from childhood but I still feel like there are childish immature tendencies I still possess that I need to re-evaluate and move away from, as well as the men and friends in my life who lack the ability to be positive, passionate, and above all real.

Life is short.  Take chances.  Don't waste your time on people who do not deserve your time.  Laugh, a lot.  Live honestly, love passionately, don't dwell on the past but do not hide from it because it makes you who you are today.  End rant. :)

I just wanted to post some pictures that were taken while fooling around with my Rebel and hanging with my friend Jessica.  She is naturally gorgeous and has great style, we love dressing up and getting ready together.  The pictures were actually while we were on our way out the door to go shopping.  We go out a lot together but never seem to take pictures, we are usually too worried about being on time and trying to look good while facing sub zero temperatures in this snow-covered country.  We will get some creative shoots done soon, we are both also very busy with school, she's doing interior decorating and I'm in PR.

On me:
Boots - Aldo

Top - Guess
Necklace - Tiffany's
Bracelet - Banff

"Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, and don't put up with people who are reckless with yours." - Unknown