Outfit - Leather love and bartending

I want to show all my haters love,
this song's for you
If you had it like me and I was in your shoes
I would probably hate on me too!

Hey!!!  It's Friiiiiiiiiday.

I have been really lazy with blogging but I pick up my new car tomorrow and I am officially stacking for a new camera.  Just on my way to the bar so I thought I'd post a quick outfit!!  I promise to pay more attention to my boring blog soon.  Love peace and WARM WEATHER IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is dedicated to the cutest kitten ever :)  next post will show my BRAND NEW CAR!

Of course I must apologize for the Blackberry phone pics which were then uploaded to Facebook because Bluetooth and E-mail were not working!  Technology hates me.  But I have a feeling my Cannon Rebel will love me!

Clyde!!! He has a sister named Bonnie.

Top - Winners 20$
Skirt - H&M 15$ on sale
Boots - 40$ Thrift
Necklaces - Japanese pearls

Xo Veronica


Outfit - Casual

I don't ever wanna feel like I did that day,
Take me to the place I love...
Take me all the way

So it's Monday and I haven't gotten around to video blogging yet but I thought I would post just a casual outfit before I head out for the afternoon.
I hope you all have a great day :)

All photos taken with Photobooth on my Mac.

Skirt - Guess
Purse - ASOS
Top - Guess
Stockings - Chinese Laundry
Shoes - Madeline
Sweater - Mango



Designer I LOVE - Miu Miu

And in this crazy life,
And through these crazy times...
It's you, it's you
You make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything

I only had a few drinks last night but it was definitely a few toooo many.  :)  Not putting up pictures yet because I want to post a video tomorrow when I have more energy.  I'm feeling rough but still very happy!  Summer is basically here and I am loving life!  I wanted to post these photographs from Miu Miu's sparrow campaign because they are simply amazing and if you have not seen them you must!

So stunning :)  Brilliant styling.
I have seen a lot of great DIY posts for shoes that look like this but are much more affordable.  Check out a few smart fashionistas' works of art:

Lions, Tigers & Fashion Oh My!

Fashion Clocked

Fashion Zen
If you look back on her blog she also did herself a pair of shoes!

You ladies always find new and great ways to inspire me.
Outfit post tomorrow I promise!
Xoxo Veronica


Weekend Post - Quick note...

Baby, I just want to love you this is crazy...
I'm always thinking of you, you're amazing
There's no one else above you, devastating though
Is the way that life's corrupted you...

Hey guys :)
I'm sorry to say that my CAMERA CHARGER IS LOST so I think this is a sign to buy a NEW CAMERA.  Anyways I have barely any time before I leave for work and I have a very busy weekend ahead so I thought I'd just post a quick hello post with a picture of me wearing my favourite pink cowboy hat :)  This is me wanting to go out west for the summer!  At least for a bit.  Love and miss Alberta!!

Necklace, gift
Hat, vendor in Calgary
Jacket - Urban behaviour
Clutch - Coach

...and a few gorgeous photos I found on the web of some HAUTE COUTURE.

 This one is a bit of trivia :)  First person to get all the dress designers from these three photos will get a link on my blog! :)

  Any big formal events coming up for any of you?  I am going to my friend's birthday party downtown Toronto tomorrow so I can't wait to dress up and take pictures!!  I will post the photos probably Sunday.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading :)
Xoxo Veronica


Designer I LOVE - Elie Saab

Clouds of sulfur in the air
Bombs are falling everywhere
It's heartbreak warfare
Once you want it to begin,
No one really ever wins
In heartbreak warfare

If you want more love,
why don't you say so?
If you want more love,
why don't you say so?


Elie Saab is all that is feminine, modern, and elegant.
Its haute couture and ready-to-wear lines for spring 2010 mixes elements of minimalism and the classic structure, styling, and colours that I like.  (Mmmm... black anyone?)
It also reaches into the pattern and print pool, using colours and florals for their haute couture line to create delicate, beautiful pieces.  I am absolutely in love, and if you haven't seen it, you should!
Now that I am


I can focus more attention on my blog.  I have been busy looking for a new car (my 2001 Nissan Sentra is at 217 000 km and I'm trading it in...) and most of my money will be tied up in my down payment.  So there goes my beautiful Cannon rebel I was hoping to have by now.  I'll start stacking tips at the bar again this weeknd and I should have it in no time, to get a great summer of outfit pictures!!!

Now for some Elie Saab. ;)

Ready To Wear:
 All the tiny details, structuring, materials, and shapes are what makes this line so versatile and elegant!!!  

Now, a girl can dream right... onto haute couture!  Really unfortunate to know I would have to save up for as long as I saved up for my car... to buy ONE of these dresses :(  One day!  I adore the neutral tones as well as light pastels, and the designs are simply stunning.

 Haute Couture

New outfit posts coming soon!
Xo Veronica


Study Procrastination - Local talent

Feelings starting to show
Should I stay, should I go?
I don't know ...
You're driving me crazy

So I'm studying for my last exam (well sort of) but I had to do this post!  Sorry for the lack of outfits, but I'm not really wanting to take pictures with my point-and-shoot.  My best friend promised when I go to Alberta she will help do my styling and photos.  I did a post on a few of her outfits a while ago, I love her style:
She kindly informed me via Facebook thattt....

 Since TOMORROW is my LAST exam, I am planning my summer!  Not sure what to do.
What are your plans for summer?
I have this sweet bartending job I love so much but part of me wants to go out west for the summer!!  My dad is the president of a college out in Alberta, and my best friend lives about an hour from him.  They both have condos, my best friend's is in Edmonton, my dad's is in Red Deer, and my three step brothers have places in Calgary.

Should I stay, or should I go?

Back here in TORONTO, there are some photographers whose photos make it impossible for me to want to post crappy ones with my point and shoot!  One of my friends Nikki Jumper shoots local bands and is an awesome photographer, as well as a beautiful model and stylist.  Here are a few photos of her collaboration shoot for Toxic Vision clothing, another great local find!  She is a unique clothing designer with lots of great edgy, funky looks made to stand out.  All her clothing is handmade!  I absolutely adore the edge in this outfit and this shoot.  As much as I love classic fashion, I ADORE this look!  Great job ladies. 
Nikki Jumper
Dana Brushette Photography/Toxic Vision Clothing

Nikki is a great stylist, she styled and shot the promo for Slow Motion Victory, a band from Toronto.  She shoots amazing band promos if you want to get your band shot, she will hook you up!

Here are a few photos from the shoot, which was actually my first ever photoshoot.  Thanks to Nikki I'm a comfortable, experienced model :P (not really) Haha enjoy!

Slow Motion Victory Promotion
Photo credit Nikki Jumper

If you check out her SHOES, they are actually the ones I am wearing in this shoot that you don't get to see!!!  <3
For more photos check out NIKKI'S WEBSITE:


Xoxo Veronica


Outfit - Las Vegas

I'm like a bird,
I only fly away...
I don't know where my home is,
I don't know where my heart is...

Ever since I was 5 or 6, I always wanted to go to Las Vegas.
When I turned 21, I lived the dream.
Instead of the glamourous place I was expecting, a lot of people were rude and no one seemed to know what recycling was. It seemed like a cesspool of overconsumption and excess waste. Anyways, I thought I'd post some outfit pics. There is definitely some GREAT shopping in Vegas.

Just a little shopping...

Stratosphere Hotel.  With my brother.  Michael Jackson impersonator with my step mom!
Dress, Spoof boutique downtown Toronto. Shoes, Calvin Klein.

Beatles Revolution Nightclub, Caesar's Palace, Stratosphere Hotel.
Skirt, American Apparel. White Top, H&M. Kneesocks, Calvin Klein. Jeans, Guess. Leather Jacket, Le Chateau. Purple Top, Aritzia.

It was an awesome trip, I did a lot of great shopping. Here is a close-up picture of the Calvin Klein shoes I bought. LOVE <3

I love Vegas and I'm totally going back for a weekend with some of my best girlfriends in June!

Xo Veronica


Outfit - Typical Friday at the bar

You got me like,
Oh my god...
I'm so in love
I found you finally...

Instead of dressing up to go out on the weekends, I dress up (not really) to go to work.
Here are a few photos of me just starting out my shift.

 Downstairs dirty destroyed floor!!!  Behind the bar...The first pictures are taken upstairs at the special event bar :)

Purse - Gucci
Jeans - Pepe London
Shoes - Payless ;)
Blazer - H&M

Quick post, I'm exhausted just got in!
Time to go count my tips ;)

Xo Veronica


Outfit - Wake me up when September ends

Wasted days, I’m caught up in the fruitless chase
Wanting more than anything that’s come before
And I wish I didn’t have to choose
When I know there is so much to lose

Cruel desires blind me to the simple things
Lost in fires of passionate imaginings
Cruel desires blind me to the simple things
Lost in fires of passionate imaginings

Simple things, simple things 

--Armin Van Buuren

 Today was OFFICIALLY my LAST day of school.  I had to give a speech today (on Alexander McQueen)  and it went pretty well.  I have one more exam to write NEXT Wednesday and I AM ON VACATION!  I had to wake up super early to get ready so I'm exhausted in these pictures!!!  I guess I could have gone outside to take photos, it's a BEAUTIFUL day but I needed to take them myself today so I tried as hard as I could with my point and shoot.
The look is military inspired!

If I look tired, it is because I am!!! Close up of my real pearl necklace :)
Sun is shining, finished school!!!  In such a great mood!!!!

Tshirt - H&M
Skirt - TNA (Aritzia)
Tights - American Apparel
Ballet flats - Walmart 9$
Purse - Prada

It's 25 C out!  Summmmer is heeeereeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

Xo Veronica