Outfit - Blonde-tenders have more fun!

I'm just on my way to work, my bar used to only open on weekends but now we have 29 cent wings on Wednesdays.  I threw on a quick outfit - I don't usually wear white to work, especially when serving wings, but I thought I'd give it a try and threw on a really old white tank top.  I'm inspired by the Chanel fall runway 2010 so I thought I'd bring out a pair of my old fuzzy grey boots to match the simple, jersey cotton skirt.  The socks were super cheap and add a sporty feel, fresh off the spring 2010 runway.  As you can probably tell by now I love gray, black, and white, and KNEE SOCKS!
Sorry about the poor quality pictures, I am on my way to getting a Cannon Rebel as soon as I stack enough cash at the bar!  I'm averaging 30 hours a week lately so that shouldn't be too long at all.

I love bartending!  You get to be at the center of all the fun and make great money, and if you annoy a bartender she can end your fun pretty quickly!  Wish me luck at WING NIGHT TONIGHT!!!  Please don't mind the big hair, I was having a shower and the hot water turned off so I didn't get to use conditioner.  I didn't even bother going at my hair with the straightener!

Boots - Old
Purse - FCUK
Skirt - H&M
Top - American Eagle
Socks - Ardene (3/10$)
Sweater - Mango

Xo Veronica

A Few *More* Goodies...

Oh summer, lead me out of the dark and the rain and into the sweet, sultry taste of sun and warmth...
It's going up to 24 C this weekend!  Time to bring out the brighter, softer colours in my wardrobe.  I have a slow workload at school this week so I hope to take loads of outfit pictures and have them up soon!
Meanwhile, I captured a few more photographs from a website I was looking at the other night.  I hope to have the source up soon because there were tons of beautiful fashion photographs I'd love to share with everyone.  I can't seem to find it in my history but I will have more time later to organize them and maybe capture a few more!
If you are living in Canada, enjoy the warm weather this week!
If you are living overseas, what is the weather like where you live?

Very Alice-in-Wonderland!!!  I have my own outfit planned to depict my own Alice look - STAY TUNED!!!

On top of the beautiful fashion the styling in these photographs is incredible!
I love the colours, they are simple but edgy, funky, and bright.
The big hair makes me feel better about having to tame my wild hair every day!

Thank you for your sweet comments, they inspire me to post every day!!! 

Xo Veronica!


A Few Goodies...

I'm short on a photographer at the moment (and I suck) so I decided to post a few high fashion photographs since I have so many new followers :)  I was looking at these today and I really enjoy the Burlesque feel without looking trashy, the outfits are dark, elegent and FULL of class.

Love the denim look!  Black and blue has to be done tastefully and this styling is beautiful!  Distressed denim is a huge look for spring and will definitely carry over into fall.
Such a simple and elegant outfit I would have loved it even without the fur, although it is a nice touch!

Images:  Unknown  (I saved the source somewhere I will post it later!!)



Style Icon - Faye Dunaway

I'm talking the ORIGINAL Bonnie & Clyde.
None of this Walt-Disney-Hillary-Duff crap.
This woman had style and is one of my favourite fashion icons of all time.
The hats, the skirts, the tops, the socks, the SHOES, everything <3
Simple, classy, brilliant!
Oh and of course, bad-ass.  Here are a few of my favourite inspirational photographs from the original movie!  Then my own version of an outfit inspired by her.
Love the v-neck lines, the classy yet bulky collars, the knitted materials, leather gloves, all styles of hats, simple prints and colours.
Bandana as a scarf!!  Brilliant.  I wore this style one day to school and got a strange variety of compliments and weird stares.  Anyone who lives around Rexdale will understand why.
Love this style of sweater and all her A-line skirts, very flattering, comfy and classy.
Simple v-neck camisoles and delicate necklaces really add a feminine touch to her edgy style.
She really brought life to the Tote, emphasizing its practicality and stylishness.
 This is her best-known look with a delicate, ribbed sweater with crocheted shoulders and (of course) the bandana scarf, beret and a fuzzy A-line skirt.  Here is my version of her outfit!  I'm crazy about knee socks I probably own 30 pairs.  They are a great way to jazz up any outfit and look great with heels and sandals!!

Lookin' badass with my brand new kitty <3  Any idea for names???
Bonnie & Clyde.  Except she's a girl so Bonnie & Claudette?   :) :)

Hat:  Aldo
Sweater:  Mango
Top:  Spoof
Skirt:  American Eagle (maybe 8 years ago)
Knee socks:  Calvin Klein
Shoes:  Mary Jane

Next up:  Alice in Wonderland.   I just saw the movie & I adore the couture from it!

Xo Veronica


Outfit Post - Leather Shorts

Here is another outfit picture from last week!  I can't wait to be done school so I can focus more attention on my blog and other endeavours.  What are your plans for the summer?

Clutch - Old
Jacket - Le Chateau
Tights - American Apparel
Shorts - H&M
Necklaces - Freshwater pearls

Xo Veronica


Outfit Post - Animal Print

I'm in my last two or three weeks of school for the year and I simply cannot wait to be done.  The weather is getting nicer and I'm getting a new camera so stay tuned for lots of outside outfit shots!  :)  My program is Media Communications which has three specialties.  I'm in public relations but one of my friends who specialized in image arts captured this for me.  There's another outfit he shot, I'll get it up later! 

Boots - United Colors of Benneton
Tights - TNA
Skirt - H&M
Top  - Spoof (Downtown Toronto)



St Pub Day

So I had class at 9a.m. on St. Patrick's day and by 11:30a.m. I'm on break and at the pub with some of my favourite ladies from school.
I did not dress to impress that day but let's say that it was definitely a hillarious day spent in "class"!!
Not even noon.  Green beers at the campus pub.
Green shots!!  Incredible hulks and some minty concoction.
Two gorgeous ladies!!!  Favourites.
My other bff Lindsey.
Making our escape and stealing a cloth that was pinned to the wall.  I needed something green!!!!
Success!!!!!!!!   Thanks to MelTab for capturing this & the other photographs as well.  Check out her blog!!! http://meltab.blogspot.com
In PR class, posing with the prof...
Tanya & Melissa <3

T-shirt from H&M
Track pants - Adidas
Shoes - Coach
Purse - Steve Madden
Wallet - CIBC Run for the Cure
Sunglasses - Ralph Lauren

Xo Veronica

Guess Spring 2010

Guess by Marciano has on and off-seasons, but when they are on they are ON!!  I absolutely adore the Spring 2010 collection and could easily spend my seasonal budget in their store.  Here are a few beautiful promotional photographs.

Photos Shaun Alexander

from http://www.sassisamblog.com/

There are two pairs of their shoes I'm trying to pick between.
Which ones do you prefer?

Dream shoes:
Christian Louboutin <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Xo Veronica


My Stylish Best Friend

I'm thinking about spending the summer in Alberta, where my best friend and dad live.
Natalie has great style and an awesome collection of designer purses, so I thought I'd share a few of her outfits because she has a lot more edge than I do!! 

In the photos:

Steve Madden clutch
Diesel Jeans
Suede knee-high boots
Louis Vuitton bag
Chanel purse