My Outfit - White Blouse

I looked ALL over for a long white blouse,
Except I wasn't willing to pay 50$ + for it, so I found this one at Winner's for 19$ and I'm in love. It's a very soft cotton and I wore it out to a club with a black miniskirt, high black socks and heels, and a belt. The possibilities are endless! :)

Shoes: Calvin Klein , Top: Winners , Skirt: H&M , Socks: Calvin Klein , Belt : Bebe

Fashion Icon - Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is a goddess of sex, fashion, and beauty.
Some of her trends have lasted through generations of lingerie.
Her classic colours, patterns, textures and styles have helped to shape the modern image of classy lingerie and fashion today. Here are some of her classic, elegant, sexy looks!


Outfit - Candid Bartender

I was on my way to work on Saturday night, and my best friend from Guelph decided to come visit and spend the night hanging around the bar. She took this picture of me candidly and since it's an outfit picture I thought I might as well post it.

Top: SmartSet , Skirt: American Apparel , Tights: H&M , Leg Warmers: Old Navy , Sweater: Zara Shoes: Birkenstock , Necklace: Asos.com

XO Veronica


Fashion Icon - Audrey Hepburn

I decided to dedicate a post to the number one style icon of all time.
From her boyish good looks to her undeniable class, elegance, and beauty, Audrey Hepburn inspired some styles that have stayed true for more than half a century.
Big sunglasses, tailored dress-suits, big jewelry, floral prints, polka dots, black & white combinations, pearl necklaces, quirky necklines, lace, long gloves, these are all trademarks of Audrey that have a lasting permanent impression on fashion across the globe.


Outfit - Classy Cowgirl

Skirt: Vintage , Shirt: Spoof (Downtown Toronto) , Boots: Aldo , Necklace: Asos.com


Jimmy Choo for H&M Lust Item

I absolutely ADORE this dress.
There were lines outside the opening of Jimmy Choo for H&M of about 300 people before the doors even opened here in Toronto. Someone is selling my dress I wanted, in my size, for 400$. I say it's absolutely worth it. What do you think?

My Outfit - The Much Loved Sweaterdress

I've had this gray dress for two years now and it's going strong. LOVE it. It's extremely soft & comfortable. The necklace & purse are new additions to my wardrobe!

Dress: Jacob , Leggings: Tahlua , Boots: Sirens , Purse & Necklace: Asos.com

Fashion Icon - Kristin Cavallari

I admit it, I watch the hills...
But it's only for the CLOTHES <3
I especially like Kristin Cavallari's style, I think she's the only one that looks good constantly without looking like she's trying too hard / spending too much money / desperate for attention. Her clothes are classy and stylish, and only OCCASIONALLY skanky :) Here are some of my favourite looks.

Love the grey sweater dress!!! The legging/boot combo makes this look soft yet tough and stylish.

This retro look is fun and fresh for fall. I'm a sucker for pink in all shades, and those heels would look great with jeans too! The dress could also be paired with a simpler, black heel for a classier look.

Kristin adds a heel to leggings for a fall look. The black & white is classy and the necklace really spices up the otherwise plain, simple look.

This look is one of my favourites. An unusual colour combination but soft, feminine, and fabulous. The dress looks like it can be casual & also good for a night out.

The texture and colours of this outfit jazz up its simplicity. The outfit is funky and stands out enough without accessories. Love this shade of purple!

I can imagine about 100 different outfit possibilities with this dress. It's fancy & simple at the same time, can be dressed up or down, the colours are classy and the shape is unique and stylish!

An extremely edgy use of lace. The shoes really pull this entire outfit together. I'd wear the top with a camisole underneath, but the accessories & lace are what make this outfit really stand out.

This outfit is so simple but so stunning. I love the shape, colour, and the belt really brings an otherwise overly simple piece to life.

This dress adds femininity to fall's edgy, metallic, masculine-shaped style. The black and silver tones and asymmetric shape. I would have accessorized all-black, but this attention-catching dress is fantastic anyways.


Burberry Spring 2010

Fashion Week celebrated its 25th year and decided to have the Burberry show in London,
Victoria Beckham was among notable celebrities seated in the first row.
I absolutely love the knotted texture, the colour scheme, the classic tailoring and style. I'm unsure about the socks and sandals look... well done, but still extremely strange. The waisted belt is a consistent theme that pulls together each look along with their trademark bags. This is my favourite Burberry collection to date. Some of my favourite looks:

This one is my absolute favourite. Gorgeous gorgeous dress and bag, the colours are so so complimenting and classy. Love love love love!

The top & clutch are simply fabulous.

This well-put-together look combines their spring line's typical knot-style skirt with a beautiful ivory bag and shirt to match.

I'm unsure about the colours of the last two, but Burberry tailors these pieces so beautifully I had to post them. The shoulders are masculine without being too dramatic.

The colour of this jacket is fantastic, and its so beautifully tailored. Absolutely elegant & this look has my favourite belt from the line.

The skinny pants look doesn't seem to be going anywhere which causes a problem for those with serious hips. Especially as we move into Spring and away from the darker looks, which elongate and slim the figure. The high wasted belt is really emphasizing the hourglass figure, balanced with a masculine well tailored and defined shoulder. What I adore most about the last two outfits are the colours & textures.


All the leaves are off the trees on my street now... the countdown til SPRING has begun :) 4 months to go


The Dark Side of Spring

Since I'm in a BLAH mood today (my boyfriend dumped me and it hailed on me on my drive to school) I'll post some of my favourite darker runway looks from SPRING 2010.

Chanel Spring 2010

Dior Spring 2010

Gucci Spring 2010

I'm ALMOST feeling better already :)
Photos: Nytimes.com