Slow Motion Victory Promotion

I was at school last week, and my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to come to a photoshoot with her for a band promo. I've never modeled before so be easy on me, I'm a first timer!
The styling was done over about 3 hours because I wore sweatpants to school and had to try on 30 outfits. Hair and makeup was rocker-chick, I got eyeliner and a little bit of hair teasing at the back but not much.

Lighting & photo Adam Mirani
Styling Nikki Jumper

Photography Nikki Jumper

Check out the band:

My Outfit:
Dress - H&M
Shoes - Dollhouse - I actually realized you can't see the shoes in this post. I have the same pair they gave me so I'll get a shot of them. They go awesome with the dress <3


Calgary Cowgirl

I should be studying for midterms but my best friend JUST posted her pictures from our Calgary trip on Facebook.
Enjoy a few shots! :)

We went here in search of an after hours club. My best friend still swears it's a sweet venue hahaha :)

Leather Jackets, (yellow & black) Le Chateau
Strappy Shoes, Steve Madden (I think)
Black & White spotty top, Guess
Black leather & Black on grey clutch, Coach
Denim skirt, Costa Blanca


Spring Minimalism

Being a fan of classic fashion, I have to admire the lack of extravagance on the Spring Runways. Minimalism is making a hit - big! Neutral colours, and less is definitely more. Sorry Lady Gaga!


Calvin Klein


Michael Kors

Miu Miu