Holiday Outfit - Night On The Town

I wore this last Thursday downtown Guelph.
Natalie snapped a couple outfit pictures so I thought I'd put em up! :)

Dress - Forever 21, Boots - Sirens, Clutch - Unknown, Leggings - TNA, Jacket - Zara (all the buttons fell off within a week)


Santa Baby - Christmas Fashions

Been an awful good girl, santa baby...
So hurry down my chimey tonight :)
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays... and enjoy some beautiful Christmas fashion!

Victoria's Secret Christmas fashion show 2009 x 2
Kate Moss for Topshop
Unknown x 2

Xo Veronica


Outfit - White Blazer & Beige Shoes

Now I would not normally wear these items together, but I went shopping yesterday and both were such AMAZING bargains. I wanted to flaunt them in an outfit post. The blazer was 125 CAD down to 15$, and the shoes were 60 CAD originally, and i got the LAST pair for 19$. :) My camera is terrible quality, and I can't really take pictures of myself, but I tried. Happy Holidays!!

Xo Veronica

White Blazer: Jacob , Black Zipper Dress - H&M , Leggings - H&M, Scarf - Calvin Klein , Sweatervest - Urban Behaviour , Shoes - Costa Blanca


More Scarlett

Because I can't resist.
These photos are from a few old Vogues, mostly Paris, 2005-2007.


Christmas Shopping

I'm all finished my Christmas shopping!
I've been (mostly) done for a while but I figured I'd do all my wrapping today, first day off really. School's over except for four exams next week. Now that I'm done shopping, time to study!

I love lingerie, and my best friend bought me some as an early Christmas present. Here are some winter inspired goodies to pass as my WISH LIST :)

Victoria's Secret ** Victoria's Secret PINK now open in CANADA :)


Style Icon - Scarlett Johansson for Mango

Mango & Scarlett !
I absolutely love this store, this collection & this woman.
Scarlett is a beautiful, full-bodied woman who embraces elegance and grace with style.
Her look is natural, her attitude is careless, and her aura is majorly sexy without an ounce of trash. Here are some beautiful photographs from Scarlett Johansson's MANGO campaign!

Club Monaco

Club Monaco has a lot of elegant looks for winter in classic colours.
Their materials are softer than ever this season and I love how the clothes fit.
Fashion + Comfort = Love.
Here are a few of my favourite looks & accessories.



You'll understand my excitement for these warm goodies if you live in Canada or somewhere as cold!! The snow is seriously lacking this year but the cold weather certainly isn't! Brrrr :)

Xo Veronica