Outfit - Delicate edge

Brown is a colour I have avoided wearing for many years.  There are several reasons for this:  it makes me look pale (paler), I don't really like how it mixes with my golden blonde haircolour and I find it near impossible to match in an outfit.  I really don't like brown with black (black and tan work okay), and so I am wondering what colours you mix it with?  What works, what doesn't?

The Outfit:
For the outfit I picked up a bag I rarely wear; it has been laying around for years.  I actually have never worn this dress before either.  I picked it up at the Guess outlet for around 10$ and it's been sitting in my closet ever since.  I bought these shoes a few weeks ago and I am in love with them.  I took this opportunity to showcase the dress and the shoes; to mix a delicate feminine piece with some edgier ones. I fell in love with these boots right away.  They remind me of a pair I saw on the spring runway -- can anyone remember the designer??  ;)  I had to poke an extra hole for the strap in order for them to fit right but they are comfortable, sturdy, and a perfect, practical heel.  I also think they would look great with denim!!!!!

Dress:  Guess 10$
Shoes:  Winners 40$
Purse:  Claire's / DIY
Bracelets:  Mango 5$
Necklace:  Real pearls

Xo Veronica


  1. I love the dress!!! Very pretty!!


  2. Love this romantic white dress matched with those little harder kind of boots: in few words, really nice outfit!

  3. I love the pics, and how you made that simple summer dress fantastic with those shoes and purse! Those shoes will look great with denim skirt or jeans or a beautiful floral skirt.

  4. I have the same iffy emotions with brown. Although I do think it works well with my skin tone, I just never seem to have the "right" shoe or pants, or this or that, to go with any certain piece of brown clothing. I tend to stick with white when pairing with brown. But those shoes are amazing!

  5. Adoro il tuo blog.. ti seguo!


  6. Thank you for your super sweet comment! Luv ur outfit and blog too! xx

  7. Great look! Love the romantic and utility mix you've gone with - love your blog xxx


  8. so romantic dress :)
    beijo *

  9. i like your shoes!


  10. so sweet- brown is hard to work with i agree! thankyou for your sweet comments.xx katie


  11. please put that purse back in your closet..

    haha love youuu


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