In The Club - Old Pics

As I was sitting thinking about the ARMIN VAN BUUREN / DAVID GUETTA concert that's happening at my FAVOURITE club in a few short weeks, I realized it's been almost a year since I've gone!!! I'm so busy with school and working weekends that I haven't had a chance to go. The club is called GUVERNMENT and there's tons of different rooms, vibes, and sounds in each floor. There is even a Sky Bar where you can have drinks and dance on the roof overlooking (the gorgeous and oh-so-clean) Lake Ontario. I checked out some pictures and decided to share them with you, but they are old!! I miss my figure from back then, I had killer hips and a butt. I'm much thinner now. Can't wait to go party in a few weeks and have no idea what I'm going to wear but lots to pick from!

 This is one of my first trips to Guvernment, back in 2005

October 2008.  Wearing a hot pink Buffalo dress, Prada purse, not sure in the shoe department.  Necklace from Sears.

New Years 2008, wearing dress from Jacob and shoes from Buffalo

This was my 21st birthday in July 2008.  Wearing my friend's dress.  No idea!  :)

Here are a couple pictures from inside the venue itself.

 Sorry my camera was such bad quality I really can't capture inside as well as I will be able to next time I visit.  I also plead innocent to over consumption of alcohol prior to taking these pictures. 

Can't wait to go back!!!
Xo Veronica

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