Go Go Dancing

When the weather starts getting nicer here in Canada I break out of my vegetative bubble and am full of energy and life.  I've done a little Go-Go dancing before, and I have an audition at my favourite club to dance in an event with Armin Van Buuren and David Guetta.  Here are a few inspirational pictures to get you moving!!!

These next few are a few of my favourite dancers at the club where I'm auditioning!! I've admired them for many years :)
Can we say hot costumes!!!  My point and shoot camera is still giving me problems, but I am on my way to get an SLR soon!  Can't wait :)  Now go out and get on your dancing shoes, it's Saturday night!!

Xo Veronica


  1. that looks like a heck of a load of fun!!! goodluck with your audition! x

  2. Wow these are a hell of sexy outfits ! Goodluck with your addition !

    Check it out: http://cupcakesarefashion.blogspot.com/

    XOXO, C.


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