A Few *More* Goodies...

Oh summer, lead me out of the dark and the rain and into the sweet, sultry taste of sun and warmth...
It's going up to 24 C this weekend!  Time to bring out the brighter, softer colours in my wardrobe.  I have a slow workload at school this week so I hope to take loads of outfit pictures and have them up soon!
Meanwhile, I captured a few more photographs from a website I was looking at the other night.  I hope to have the source up soon because there were tons of beautiful fashion photographs I'd love to share with everyone.  I can't seem to find it in my history but I will have more time later to organize them and maybe capture a few more!
If you are living in Canada, enjoy the warm weather this week!
If you are living overseas, what is the weather like where you live?

Very Alice-in-Wonderland!!!  I have my own outfit planned to depict my own Alice look - STAY TUNED!!!

On top of the beautiful fashion the styling in these photographs is incredible!
I love the colours, they are simple but edgy, funky, and bright.
The big hair makes me feel better about having to tame my wild hair every day!

Thank you for your sweet comments, they inspire me to post every day!!! 

Xo Veronica!


  1. Seriously stunning! I love how unique these styles are, amazing.


  2. amazing hair.
    lovely blog

  3. wow, that first dress is very alice! love it. thanks for posting! xx

  4. love these photos and the dresses are beautiful.

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