Phone Fashion

When I say PHONE FASHION I am NOT in fact referring to the much-talked-about Lady GaGa video.  She wanted attention and wore ridiculous clothing and she's very inspirational and creative, but in the words of another girl (my age), Ke$ha, who is ripping up mainstream music:  "Blah, blah, blah!"
Her style can be embraced minimally, if one dares.
The video epitomizes the modern "GIRL POWER" which seems to mean that women are FULLY empowered to the level of men to the extent that they think it is okay to be provocative and promiscuous.
This can be dangerous, especially for young women.
Overt sexuality has only been hyperbolized in modern music to the extent that I do not think young women are getting a positive message in the media.
Is she the modern day Madonna?
So although I am not posting pictures from the Lady GaGa video that I'm sure you've all seen called "Telephone", instead I am going to display a variety of photographs I've selected from my recent phone memory,
Most of them were taken in February when I was in Calgary.  I went to the most amazing Holt Renfrew I have ever seen in my life.  Here are a few pictures of INSIDE the department store.  (I'm pretty sure they only have them in Canada!)

Inside the Holt Renfrew, I found one Herve Leger dress in my size.  I tried it on and fell in love.  It was only 900$ CAD, and with the 5% sales tax in Calgary compared to 13% in Ontario (where I'm from) it would have cost me less than $1000.  I would have had to max my credit card daily limit as well as my debit card limit but I'm seriously regretting not doing it now!!!  Here is a quick (blurry) pic I shot in the changeroom.
Let me tell you there is nothing like it!!!  The fit, the material, knock-offs don't do it justice.  Max Azria you are AMAZING!!!

Here are a few of my (slightly more modest) purchases lately:
Steve Madden purse

Boots from Zara bought halfprice (30$ CAD)

Denim dress with zippers

Gray dress with white lace overtop

Trust me when I say new camera is at the very top of my priority list!!!!
I hope you had a great St. Patrick's day, I have pictures to post which I probably should do now but I'll wait until tomorrow because I'm a little bit too hungover and this post has been a little too long!

Xo Veronica


  1. Love love love the Zara boots!!! Totally gorgeous!! Awesome outfits too! x


  2. i LOVEEEEE holts but it's seriously dangerous for me to even step foot anywhere close to that store because i know once i'm in there my boyfriend will be dragging me out by my limbs. :(

    love the dress btw. i love that colour green with blonde hair.


  3. LOVE ke$ha and that song...and great pics love the dresses and the boots i'm following you now

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  4. Love the stuff you bought! :)


  5. Wow fantastic post!!!

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  6. Nice pictures! U look so fine, I love that Zara boots! Thanks for the comment, I'll be folowing your blog!


  7. Love your dresses!



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