Caribbean dreamin'

In this great future,
You can't forget your past...
So dry your tears, I say
No woman no cry...
- Bob Marley

Well my lovely fashionistas I am off to the Dominican Republic for a week!  I will leave you with my most recent beach photos in Grand Bend and will be updating next weekend.  I've done quite a few posts this month hope you check them all out while I am gone!  

My ridiculously pasty legs!  This will change when I get back from the Dominican.  My feet are starting to heal but you can see how swollen and blistered they are from working so much in heels.  
Why horse around when you can lion around?!

Dress - Spoof
Bikini - La Vie En Rose
Flip Flops - Old Navy
Sunglasses - Guess

I am loving the new Cruise 2012 lines that have been coming out.  I decided to collect a few photos of my favourite designers from style.com and post some inspiration for tropical destination outfits and for the warmer weather.  I will have to take my phone with me to make sure I catch all the new shows, some of my favourites are yet to come.  Vacation pictures will be up when I get back!  So excited!!!

Louis Vuitton
They went with a funky, edgy biker theme with lace and leather, nautical colours and some super high footwear!  I love the results. 

Perfection in the details!
Everything from the bows on each layer of the shoe to the subtle addition of patterns and accessories from goggle-shaped eyewear to anklets and gloves.
Helmets are a cute touch!

Often my favourite, this line was more neutral, minimal and structured with only hints of bright colours and accents of yellow and gold.  Very elegant, classic and chic. 

I want ALL the shoes from this collection!!!!!!  I am also having the first craving in my entire life to wear yellow.
All the photos I chose to share with you are of one of my favourite models, Kasia Struss.  I love her defined face and Barbie-like features!  She looks stunning in absolutely anything.
Runway photos from style.com.

Have a great week my loves!
XO Veronica


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