You're the thunder to my lightening

The magic of first love is oblivious and ignorant to reality.
The magic of friendship is genuine and surpasses superficiality. 

The weather has been so gorgeous here except for the crazy thunder and lightening storms we have been having here in Ontario!  The other day my house shook and I thought there was an earthquake, I woke up in the middle of the night rattled and confused.  Turns out that it was just the thunder that shook the house so much!

Regardless I put in a lot of hours at the restaurant and I have been having a lot of fun working there.  The whole staff is amazing and I am meeting a lot of great people.  It is great to have two days off to relax because my whole body and my mind are exhausted!  Yesterday I dropped three side plates on the floor in the middle of the restaurant and they shattered everywhere.  I am not known to drop things (at work) so I was a little bit embarassed to say the least especially since everyone in the whole place went silent and looked at me.  At least I have a great support team and people were already leaning over to pick up the pieces and someone had gone to get the broom.  It is such a better experience at work when it is a team environment and people are there to love and support each other not compete or bring each other down.
I am on my way over to my girlfriend's house, we had quite a crazy incident a couple weekends ago and it left her feeling a little bit hurt and confused.  I am going to bring her flowers and hopefully cheer her up!
Speaking of flowers I have been loving them so much this season.  My brother and dad both brought me a flower back from Hawaii with a hair clip so I love to spice up boring outfits with them! 
Today I decided to go with a floral skirt theme and here are the results.
Overload of pics since I was practicing with my rebel!

Being silly!
Flower hair clips from Hawaii!
Gifts from my Dad & brother.

Skirt - Urban 
Tube top - Suzy
Bag - Random boutique
Key necklace - Tiffany's
Pearl necklace - Gift
Pearl bracelet - Gift
Floral bracelet - Gift from Hawaii
Ring - Rainbow Jade
Chunky bracelet - Smart Set

Thirsty Thursdays and I have the night off.  Hmmm....



  1. you look gorgeous! almost like a barbie doll :]


  2. that skirt is so pretty! u are gorg

  3. u are so beautiful! And the outfit is nice


  4. love the skirt! perfect for the summer! Happy Friday!

    Fashion Fractions

  5. hi sweetie! i love your blog! ;) and you look so beautiful.. love your outfits and photos.. :) i followed you..

    really hoping you visit my blog too and follow back.. :)



  6. Love the leather skirt- so chic!


  7. super cute! i love those flowers! :)


  8. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

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    With love, Samm
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  10. Soooo cute dear!
    Great blog, following! Follow back? <3

  11. beautifull pics!
    amazing colors matched with eacother!
    and i love the outfit girl

    i dont have an makeup tutorial YET
    but i think its comming! Thank you(L)

    New outfit post:

  12. you're so pretty! haha go thirsty thursdays x



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