Summertime adventures

These lies and deceptions
Only affecting us in a negative way, wrong direction
Starting to fade away our connection
Will we ever find a way to progress
And live life for each second
Without second guessin'

It is great to actually have a weekend and not dedicate it to just working!
The weather here was so gorgeous except that it can change in a second; you often end up wearing two outfits in one day or having to layer like crazy.  It does not help my laundry pile.
Last night I went to a barbeque at my girlfriend's house, my brother came along with some of my close friends.  This morning when I went for brunch with my girlfriend her car battery died, we got it boosted and then it died again.  One trip to Canadian Tire and a lot of cash later she had a brand new battery and we headed back to my place.  Once there she locked her keys in her car.  It was actually quite a fun day aside from the mishaps!  It was so beautiful outside I am starting to get a tan.
Without further ramblings I will show you some outfit pictures from the past days!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and having a great weekend.
My shoes are missing in the pictures but they are brown ankle combat-style open toe boots!
Top - Smart Set
Bracelet - Aldo
Necklace - Vintage
Skirt - Urban
Leggings - Dynamite
Shoes - Payless

Flowers in my backyard!
Love the summertime!

Second outfit:
Skirt - Aritzia 
Top - Garage (old)
Belt - American Apparel
Flip flops - Old Navy
Necklace - Tiffany's
Silver bracelets - Rainbow Jade & Gift from Magpie



  1. i love the key necklace, and the cheetah skirt!

    Journal De Mode

  2. I looooveee the first outfit! When did you get the top? You pull everything together so effortlessly - its funny how horrible I am with fashion compared to you :P


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