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I better find your lovin
I better find your heart
I bet if I give all my love,
Then nothings gonna tear us apart
It’s more than just a mission

You hear but you don’t listen
You better pay attention
And get what you've been missin

In case I haven't made it clear, I am absolutely in love with purses.  They are the best accessory; they sit perfectly visible on your arm while carrying everything you need -- and they come in lots of different sizes and styles for the ultimate in versatility.  Since a lot of my pictures are blurry because I haven't bought my new camera yet (SOON!) I thought I'd shoot a few of my favourite purses.  Enjoy!  If I don't say where it's from, then it's probably from a random boutique; I always find the cutest and most unique bags in privately owned stores.

I also have two vintage Chanel bags but they definitely deserve a post of their own!

I am NOT a fan of Louis Vuitton bags, especially fake ones which are everywhere!  The original pattern looks juvenile and if you are going to buy one make sure that it stands out and that it is real!  They can look really tacky.

Newest purchases in pink and violet.  The first one I tied a DIY scarf; the print reminds me of my beloved Emilio Pucci.

 Steve Madden in nude and cream.  Bought from Winners for around 50$ each.

Just a few of my many Guess bags.  I used to be really into buying them but it's been probably since high school since I picked one up.

A few of my coach wristlets.  These are really handy and the style has caught on in stores everywhere!  Perfect for the bar.

This is a small shoulder bag from BCBG.  I haven't worn it yet and I'm trying to decide whether the tassles should stay or go.

 This Prada bag is old but it's holding out really well!  It goes with almost anything and is definitely one of my favourite smaller bags.

A couple of vintage evening bags, one is a diamond and satin clutch the other one is a two five-five style mini purse with side strap.

A couple more clutches, picked up who-knows-where.

 Same caption as above!  The bottom is almost alligator print and very shiny.

Gucci shoulder bag, clutch and fanny pack.  (I used to use the fanny pack for cocktailing at work.)

Top left I got at Style Sense, bottom right from ASOS.  Top one was less than 10$ and the bottom was around 20$.

Ralph Lauren totes.  I got them in grade 8 and they are definitely lasting strong!

Two more totes, the top is from Winners I think and the bottom is from FCUK.

Now what would a purse post be without a picture of some killer bags I would (almost) sell my car for.  And believe me, I would have to!

Three purses I am lusting for:  Hermès, Balenciaga, Dior.  Can't forget the Chanel two five-five but I've definitely posted it enough times and I am sure you all know what it looks like!  Marc Jacob bags are hit and miss but there are definitely gorgeous bags floating around by him.

What are your favourite purse designers?

Xo Veronica


  1. Chanel and Mulberry are my favorite!

  2. loving the bags
    so wonderful
    thanks for sharing as always
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  4. I'm dying to have a PS1 bag! Nice post

  5. Wow, so many purses and they are all so cute

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  6. gucci!


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