Outfit - Rugby game

Stones and flowers on the ground
We are lost and found
But love is gonna save us

Shadows walking in the crowd
We are lost and found
But love is gonna save us
Rugby games are where I first learned my appreciation for knee socks.  I took a look at my hideous black and red rugby uniform I wore in grade nine and remember thinking to myself that at least the socks could be fashion.
I went to a game today at my old high school.  I have not been there in five years, and not one thing has changed.  We are still creaming the rival catholic high school and our girls still play hard.
Here are a few shots from the game!

New bag!!  I got a different one in a lilac, this one is a light pink.  I am not supposed to be shopping because I have to make car payments but they were at a unique designer boutique in a small town for around 40$ each and I fell in love!  They are nice bright colours for spring.
The rugby game.  The girl in the teal sweater has her hands over her head because she knows she's going to lose to my team in the black and the red.  The score at this point is 22-0.
He used to play football for the same team my high school is destroying at rugby!  Na na na na na na.
His sunglasses are RayBan, mine are Ralph Lauren.  
Knee socks galore... our awesome kicker about to widen the gap between their 0 and our grand total of 34 or so points by the end of the game :) 
Close up of a necklace I got at a small boutique in Ottawa.  Pearl, diamond, sterling silver.
Me on my BRAND NEW CAR outside my old highschool!  Do you love it like I do? :) :) :)
Super old boots!  I got them for $40 and I have worn the crap out of them so I am surprised they are still holding up.
 Another picture of my beautiful car and my lame old high school!!  Glad to be far away from those days to be honest.  Talk about sheep when it comes to fashion!

I am wearing:
Skinny pants - Winners -10$
Boots - 40$
Purse - 40$
Top - Mango
Sweater - Guess 
Jacket - Le Chateau
Sunglasses - Ralph Lauren
Hat - Some hat store?  10$... or it might have been cheaper.

Xoxo Veronica


  1. I love your pink purse its so cute,,
    Oh yeah thanks sweety for following my blog..so glad you love it. Just followed you back my dear! =)

  2. I am in LOVE with your bag!!!

    xox leslie

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  3. great oufit, looove knee high socks! your car necklace and THAT bag all rock xo

  4. love the car! and your outfit:) fab boots, looks like fun times

  5. love your bag ! :D

    xoxo Jiana from

  6. nice blog urself too sweetie! have fun blogging~

  7. Gorgeous bag,love the color.I know what you mean,I am glad to be out of highschool too.Nice car,it's worth the sacrifice,clothes can wait for a while
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  8. Great outfit! And your bag is so cute! Love the color.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  9. Cute outfit!!! I really like your bag too!!


  10. I used to play Rugby in high school too :) I still have my jersey and wear it at the cottage.



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