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Since I have a NEW PHONE I thought I could take a few pictures of the beauty items I use every day; they turn out in pretty good quality.
I am getting ready to go to the bar for the day so I am just putting on mascara, eyeliner and some eyeshadow, maybe a little blush!  Concealer where I need it ;) and I'm good to do!  Enjoy a few getting ready pictures as well as a few shots of the items I adore.  Enjoy your weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Every day essentials!  Not going to lie, I am addicted to Vaseline.  Mac Studio Fix is a nice loose pressed powder, smooth and light.  PURE, MAC or NARS Laguna bronzers are my favourite!  For my eyes (which I am focusing on today) I use Lise Watier mascara.  It has a nice balance between smudge proof and water proof without being too much of either.  The Lise Watier eyeliner comes in a bazillion colours, I go with a dark brown since I am so fair, and it is water and smudge proof as well!  Hot Couture perfume smells delicious!  I got mine cheap on a cruise a few years ago and it's almost empty; I don't want to spend 100$ on a new one.  :(  Smashbox Photo Finish light is PERFECT to set your foundation or coverup!
Here is a picture of me with no make up!  Scary!
Sephora Blockbuster kit.  A billion different colours for your eyes.  Absolutely amazing quality eye shadows and they seem to last forever!
One of my makeup bags with a few hidden treasures :)
In my shower!  Biosilk also makes an amazing anti frizz product to smooth away flyaways.  Pantene Pro-V straightens my hair the best!  The glove has Epson salt which is amazing when you want to relax in the bath.  K Pax by Joico is always a solid choice for smooth, sleek results!
Pink Chi, Regis hair flattening spray, Vichy 3 in 1 make up remover, toner and cleanser (I use this religiously).
After one coat of mascara.  My eyelashes are very fair so I really only use something to change the colour to a darker brown!  I put some gray and lilac on my eyelids as well.  I only line the top and bottom lightly with eyeliner for day, sometimes not at all.  You can really work in the corners of your eyes to shape them how you want or create an edgier look for night.
Ready for work!!!!!  Need some accessories and I'm good to go.

Outfit:  Tanktop from Jacob and Jeans from Pepe London, red bra from La Senza

A close up of my first tattoo I got when I was 18.  It is a VERONICA flower, my nanna used to grow them in her back yard.  I am getting it touched up in a couple weeks as well as getting another tattoo!  Stay tuned for pictures of the drawing and then of course the final product.
Tattoo on my shoulder blade!  New phone pic as well.  I am off to work now wish me luck on my boring day shift!  I have a two hour break so maybe I will come home and do an evening make up post :)  If not I will do one soon!  Take care and wish me luck on picking up a new camera ;)
 Me at work!!!

Xoxo Veronica


  1. i love the meaning behind your tattoo! :o)

  2. I have the sephora blockbuster too! Isnt it amazing?! I especially love the blushes. The purple blush gives an unexpectedly nice flush of color.

  3. nice tattoo!

    xoxo Jiana from

  4. You're so pretty even without makeup! I love MAC pressed powder as well, it has great staying power and lots of good shades.


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