Outfit - Black on grey

You don't - You don't have to break me
I swear next time, I'll let you know
You won't - You won't get to break me
I swear next time, I'm letting go

This wasted time
My troubled mind
I'll let you know - One Last Time

This broken hold
My fragile soul
I'm letting go

For the last time 

Heading to work and I want to stop by a few stores before my shift in just over an hour, so I better step on it!  Just a quick outfit post.  Again I must appologize on the quality of these photos I am working on it guys! :)

Big smile!  It's sunny outside :)
I got each bracelet and the necklace for 2$ each at Ardene.
Close up of the bracelets.
 My attempt at a whole outfit shot!  I wore these same pants to the Rugby game, they are a super comfy, thick cotton blend.
 Detail shot.  (Well I tried!)  The top is from Costa Blanca, the pants from Winners!  I would really like a thin pink belt to match my pink bag I am taking with me.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Xo Veronica


  1. You look amazing as always!! Great outfit!


  2. you look cute:D those pants does look comfy. and i love the bracelets.

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