Outfit - Soft jersey

People think that I'm crazy, just cause I wanna be alone
You can't depend on friends to help you in a squeeze
We all deal with shit on our own
And sometimes the beef can grow, get out of hand
Yeah, you know it gets full blown
I never said that you mean the world to me
Maybe it's best that you never know


I love soft clothing.  The first thing I always check is the material because it is equally as important to me how the garment looks and feels.  Some of my favourites are jersey cotton, silk, satin, and cashmere.  Here is a quick outfit, all the garments are made from jersey cotton mixed with spandex.  This allows for me to move around easier at work and keeps me comfortable all night.  It is a little hazy this weekend but Toronto is promised gorgeous weather tomorrow and it is my day off!  As for tonight, I am heading to Starbucks then to work.  I usually get an iced grande white mocha, lactaid since I am lactose intolerant!  No cheese, no milk, no ice cream, no pizza!  Torture!  Here is my outit for the evening at the bar.  I am only there for four hours tonight so I don't have to worry about sore feet.  I spent this afternoon shopping and picked up a few dresses, I have some events and promotions coming up.  Check them out too!

Blurry bathroom pic!!! Yuuup...  The best kind.  :)
Trying to get the shoes!
Detail on the tanktop and shrug.
Pearl necklace from Rainbow Jade, a kiosk in some malls!
Trying to get the shoes again :)

I'm wearing:
Tanktop - Forever 21
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Spring
Shrug - Urban Behaviour

Here are the dresses I picked up today!  I spent about 65$ in total so not bad at all!  Stay tuned for outfit posts.

They are all straplessssss....  Time for a close up of some details :)
Both these dresses are from Urban Behaviour.
Dress 19$ from Winners down from about 70$.

So excited to dress them up!  Ooops I'm going to miss Starbucks if I don't head out!
XO Veronica


  1. The shoes remind me of something a grandma would wear but other then that very sexy!


  2. you look so cute for the bar! i'm a starbucks junkie too-- I spend wayyyyy too much there :)

    also jealous that you got all those dresses for $65; insane!

  3. love the polka dot dress! cant wait to see you rock it! ;)


  4. Ahhh shame about the intolerance, but seriously, cheese is deadly. I can't stay away.
    And love the sheer top, its my new favourite staple material/texture for summer
    It would be mine

  5. such a classic look!



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