What I learned Wednesday

I could watch you for a lifetime
You're my favourite movie
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me 
I never know what's coming...
For ever fascinated 
Hope you don't stop running
To me...cause I'll always be waiting
You are a cinema... I could watch you forever
Action, thriller, I could watch you forever
You are a cinema, a Hollywood treasure
Love you just the way you are,
A cinema, a cinema...
- Cinema -- Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go


Epic Wednesdays are becoming a tradition for me, I really need a day job soon.
Here is what I learned on Wednesday...

1)  Every single beach in the area surrounding your house will have shops to purchase a bikini except for the one time that you go to a beach you have never been to before and do not bring one, then there will be no shop and you will be stuck wearing either your bra and underwear or your LBD from the night before.
2)  Nothing goes better with your LBD than a pair of bowling shoes with sexy neon shoe laces.  These shoes will also have extremely slippery soles which will make dancing to the club music at 3am in your bowling lane even more enjoyable and appropriate.
3)  If you are ambidextrous, feel free to throw two bowling balls towards your bowling pins at the same time.  It will only count as one turn and you have double the chances of getting a strike.
4)  If you live in the Toronto area, Kipling/Dundas has a 24 hour bowling alley and on the weekends it is glow in the dark.  You're welcome.  
5)  The drinking age should really be changed to 21.  Here in Canada it is 19, and these 90's babies are making bars and clubs a disaster to be in.
6)  The last rule also applies to driving.  And to be honest, I'm not just saying this because the rule would not apply to me, it should have applied to me because I was a scary 16-year-old driver and now I think I'm pretty darn good.
7)  That much ice cream is always a good idea, unless you're lactose intolerant.
8)  Being a hot mess is only a good idea sometimes.
9)  Gorgeous girlfriends are creeper magnets.  If you don't want to get hit on, try to tone down the skin and gorgeousness when you go out.

XO Veronica
P.S.  Sorry about the black again, I was working a promo event at night.


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  8. you look so stunning babe:)
    lovely photos!
    Love bowling 2:D

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