Summer lovin'

I think about you in the summertime
And all the good times we had baby
Been a few years and I can't deny
The thought of you still makes me crazy

Can not believe it is August already!  I am in love with the summer, it always makes me sad when it is down to the last month or so.  No time to waste!
Related news:  I am officially a beach bum!  I have been to every beach in the area (pretty much) and still no tan to brag about. 
I have met a lot of really cool people this summer and spent time with old friends too.
Campfires, beach, clubs, hikes, long walks, patios, shopping (there's a sweet outdoor mall around here called Don Mills), road trips, traveling... what are your favourite things to do in the summer?  
Beach photos!  With my friend Ashley we had an awesome day at the beach! <3 She has a gorgeous Coach collection, here are some of her goodies.
Now for a few more of my birthday goodies!  I snapped these photos a while ago but never had the chance to share them with you.
Swarovski earrings & necklace set, gift from step dad
BCBG bandage skirt!  It is a lot more fitted than it looks.  Gift from mum.
Custom made James Dean tunic from my brother and his girlfriend, can't wait to wear this with some denim shorts or tights.
Out and about promoting for my new club!  Dress is from Jacob, necklace from Swarovski.
Crazy wind hair!  This is a new silver heart-shaped locket I got from Winner's... looove it.
Sunglasses from Guess.

Don't let your summer slip away!
XO Veronica


  1. Cute post! I love summer too...beach is what it is about!

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  2. lovely post x

  3. love that bcbg skirt it would look great with that printed tee - cannot believe it is august either summer has gone by too fast xx


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