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Everyone's so cynical
And says that love won't last
Think about your future
Stop living in the past
Time's not standing still
So stop looking through those tinted glasses

Sweathearts together
We've only just begun
Sweathearts together
So glad I've found someone
Sweethearts forever
Two hearts together as one
As one

But love is never easy
It's never silky smooth
There's always something tempting
In the wilderness of youth
But I will stay right by your side
The truth will out, you'll realize

For North America this weekend is all about taking some time off to enjoy the weather with family and people who are close to you.  Since my birthday lines up nicely between Independence and Canada Day, there is no better place to celebrate than in my capital city of Ottawa.
I came here on my 19th birthday and my big brother has always been very generous with his place and taking very good care of me while I am there while ensuring I have a great time.  This year I brought my younger brother and I got to take care of him (literally, he had a couple drinks and they didn't end well...) but aside from that, my weekend was full of amazing scenery, fashion, and more importantly people!  I am off to Calgary this upcoming weekend as well, which is west of my province.  Enjoy some pictures from my trip!
The camera didn't make it out once there was a drink in my system, I was too worried.  We went to a few clubs and bars, there seems to exist every type of venue you could imagine but it is more relaxed of a scene than Toronto.  Quite a nice variety of night life and nowhere takes too far to walk!  We took a day trip to the beach where you could actually dip into the water, I took some pictures on my phone but I really didn't want to bring the Rebel so excuse the poor quality of the pictures near the end.

Walking out the door to the airport, my poster is of Robert Deniro can anyone remember the movie?
Leaving Toronto Island Airport on Porter airlines!  It was sunny and hot and a beautiful day for flying.
In Ottawa waiting for my brother to come!  I decided to take a few pictures like the tourist that I am, in my own country!
My brother took everyone to an amazing dinner on Saturday night at an Italian place in the market.  It had an award for best wine list in Canada!
 At my brother's apartment having drinks with my girlfriend Tara before dinner!
My older brother and I getting ready before heading out to the market.
The bar.  I wonder if the bartender gets confused, I probably would!
Candid shot of my brother and his girlfriend looking over the menu and impressive wine list.
This was also candid!  Enjoying my lychee and cranberry martini.
Apple crumble dessert, blowing out the candle and making a wish!
Outside the restaurant before dinner, I wanted a picture with this pink Mini Cooper.  So cute!
 One of the gifts from my brother, a pretty Pravda bottle of vodka.
A few presents!  Cannon rebel (I was holding my camera, and I got some accessories given to me as well!)   Chanel purfume, MAC gift card, jewelery & stand, a super cute card with a pug.
Me and my girlfriend on the beach; the weather could not have been more perfect.
Gorgeous sunset.  I was sad to leave!  Amazing trip and I'm looking forward to Calgary on Friday!  I really did not do much shopping because I am holding out for my trip next weekend!  I got a bikini for 11$ from Sirens to go to the beach with but you can't really see it in my pictures.

First dress:  H&M
Second dress:  Urban behaviour
Blazer & knee socks:  H&M
Black strappy shoes:  Fergie
Sunglasses:  Gucci

Hope everyone had an amazing long weekend! 

Much love!


  1. the first dress is gorgeous :)

  2. Love the dress & the pink Mini Cooper... hehe =)


  3. You look amazing and the trip sounds like so much fun! I absolutely love the photo of you and your older brother - that dress is so sexy on you! You make me want to hang out with you, it all looks like a blast!


  4. nawh looks like you had an amazing time & of course you did! ;) you are so beautiful.

  5. looks like an amazing time.
    you looked gorgeous.<3

  6. Lovely blog! First time on yours and obviously going to follow! ;) I'm completely jealous, I so badly want to be surrounded with lots of drinks like that and particularly wine! Well a party is highly recommended! haha!



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