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Your sweet moon beam,
The smell of you in 
Every single dream I dream...
I knew when we collided,
You're the one I have decided
Is one of my kind

 I love traveling even if it is within my own country.  Canada has a beautiful variety of climates as well as culture, scenery, and nightlife. I feel like I need more rest and relaxation to make up for all the drinks and late nights I had in Alberta.  I have a ton of pictures from my trip so I'm going to make this writing part short and sweet.  I have until Thursday off work so I plan on doing a bunch of beauty and inspiration based posts.  I was the most excited for Calgary but I only ended up there for one night because it was hailing; we didn't get to see the rodeo or do the club crawl.  I visited with my dad which was awesome, but stayed mostly in Alberta's capital city of Edmonton.  I brought mostly skirts shorts and sandals and was shocked when the weather dipped down to single digits.  Back home in Toronto it is beach weather for sure!  Although I miss my best friend Natalie and Alberta a lot.  I did a little shopping but I will post the items later as well as my two new COACH purses!  Without further adieu, photos from my trip.

My best friend!  I was so happy to see her; she made me wear this dress because it was "retro" and the club we went to was called Vinyl and had a bit of a disco feel.
I didn't bring my Rebel inside the club but here is one photo taken with my phone of a porn star shooter. 
The next morning we went to West Edmonton Mall which is actually the largest mall I've ever seen, you can barely get through one of four quadrants in a day.  There are several water parks, a theme park, an amusement park, a skating rink, and a club.  There is much more to see and do although I imagine there are several malls like this in the United States.
Getting ready! 
Skirt:  Zara
Necklace and earrings:  Natalie's
Top:  Jacob
Glasses:  Gucci
Shoes:  Spring
We went to Denny's for breakfast where we waited 45 minutes for food, it came to the table cold.  I am a server so I hate complaining but I definitely was not going to eat it so we told the owner, left the server a tip and left and went to Starbucks where they serve a delicious breakfast sandwich all day and it always comes out piping hot in only a couple minutes.  Mmmmmm!
Shopping at West Edmonton Mall.  Natalie's bag is Louis Vuitton.
Natalie snapped this photo of me in the H&M which is coincidentally also where I got the bag I'm holding.
  If you look carefully in one of the mirrors you can see someone tubing in the lazy river.  Oh my.
Booster juice!  I am not sure which countries have these smoothies but they are six dollars or so and basically constitute a fruit and yogurt meal plus powder with vitamins of your choice.

Natalie's uncle was having a birthday shindig one night I was there so we stopped by for an hour or so.
We did a lot of driving between Edmonton and Calgary so here are a couple scenic photos I took as well as some photos taken in her uncle's backyard.
Heels and pants:  Zara
Sweater:  BCBG
Pouch:  Gucci

Here are a few more photos from the one night we went out in Calgary and another night in Edmonton.
 Dress:  Guess
Shoes:  H&M
Aviators:  Ray ban
Clutch:  Steve Madden
Mmmm...Starbucks!  Love Natalie's leggings as well.
Out for dinner at an Indian buffet which had private rooms with curtains!  An awesome experience.
In Calgary, borrowed this cowboy hat from my daddy I found it in his truck!
Out for drinks with friends in Calgary!  Had a great trip and can't wait to go back.

Stay tuned for more posts this week.


  1. I love your first dress! Pink and black go so well together (:


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    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

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