Birthday surprise

Look at this face,
I know the years are showing
Look at this life,
Still don't know where it's going...

I don't know much,
But I know I love you...
That may be
All I need to know

Look at these eyes
They've never seen what matters
Look at these dreams
So beaten and battered...

I don't know much,
But I know I love you
That may be
All I need to know

I got a beautiful gift for my birthday from somebody very special!  It came a few days early which means I only get to appreciate it longer.  It was hand made by a girl who custom makes beautiful jewelery!  This one was designed specifically for me and it's called "The Veronica".

I wanted to give a special shout out to Helena from Feenie Beadie who designs all her jewelery herself, there are so many stunning creations!  A lot of the designs can be seen from the front and back of the necklaces.  They are so stunning, mine is made out of Swarovski crystal and black onyx, as well as sterling silver.

I am off to Ottawa and Calgary for the next few weeks!  Look forward to a lot of Canadian culture in my upcoming posts.  For now just a couple random outfits and of course my necklace!  Enjoy.

My cat is currently attacking this necklace as we speak!  Black onyx, crystal, and silver!  So beautiful and there's even a part that dangles around the back of your neck.
I look grumpy!  Ignore my scowl it always comes out for pictures.
Part that dangles over your shoulder!  It was really hard to capture and I hope to get a better picture of it soon.

Getting ready in my bathroom!  Thank you so much for the necklace honey <3 <3 <3 :)
And now for a few pictures from the last couple days..

Trying on a new dress from my friend Elyse!
Just a casual Sunday outfit!  Super comfy and all jersey cotton.

Dress:  Forever 21
Skirt:  Aritzia
Tube top:  Old
Clutch:  Coach
Pumps:  Zara
Necklace:  DIY by my girl Helena!

Xo Veronica


  1. So beautiful I want that necklace! lol:) I just discovered your blog, it's great and you have cute style!
    (check out iSpyFashionDiary.blogspot.com sometime if you want!) <3

  2. happy birthday hun that necklace is amazingly beautiful! x

  3. Gorgeous Photo's, Love the blog header too!

    D E G A I N E


  4. ottimo blog ;)
    veramente bello

  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday - love how the necklace hangs from the back as well - lovely present :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion

  6. Beautiful necklace, love your bustier!

  7. that necklace is gorge! and im lovin the nude heels

  8. you've got a great blog, keep it up!
    i'll be back for sure to see more inspiration from you
    loving it all, thanks for sharing
    and thanks for your sweet comments, it means the world



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