Jewelry Rambles...

When it comes to jewelry, I've often kept simple. A few rings, some hoop or stud earrings, and a pendent necklace. I like to buy a piece that is SEASONLESS, classy, elegant, and will work with every outfit. No funky colours or bulky choices for me. I love pearls, black onyx, diamonds (a girl's best friend), saphires, and silver/white gold. Gold seems to clash with my skin tone. I love pearls, and anything sentimental. Here is a picture of my daily jewelry regimen. Please excuse my HORRIFIC nails, I haven't painted them since bartending on the weekend.

pearl earings: claires
necklace: rainbow jade (real pearl)
bracelet: from a lady in thailand, brought back by my friend vanessa
ring: diamond & saphire, family heirloom --& white gold and diamonds, 21st birthday present from boyfriend

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