Happy Halloween

I am definitely somewhat ashamed to say that I ordered my costume online. I still think the idea is creative, I'm a BARTENDER so I decided to go as a beer wench... "FRAUDELIN" is the correct term. One of those Oktoberfest girls. The only ones I have as of now are crappy phone pics. Anyways I have to say the quality of this costume is amazing, I got it from buycostumes.com. It's supposed to be "one size fits all" but I'm barely a size two and I can't imagine it fitting anyone with a larger chest than me, or a longer torso. I'm working a 12 hour shift at the bar today 3:00 - 3:00 so I'll try to get some good costume pics on my camera and post them tomorrow.

Halloween - Friday / Saturday night costume - Beer Wench
Shoes: Mary Jane pumps, Hush Puppies

Halloween - Thursday night costume - Santa's Little Helper (an ELF?)
Red dress, Buffalo. Green jacket, Dynamite. Fanny pack, Gucci. Belt, Gucci. Boots, Aldo.

Halloween - last year!
I went as an angel/devil mix.
Red dress, Buffalo. White dress, Guess.


On an unrelated note, I'm waiting the arrival of a few items from ASOS.com. I ordered this imitation rosary pendent, and I was wondering if this is blasphemy to wear. I simply adore it.

Off to be a beer wench for the night!

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