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My name is Veronica, I'm a second/third year University student in Media and Public Relations. I have a very classy taste in fashion & I love black and white. Haute couture is nothing but an inspirational amusement for me, although I must admit I love it passionately. I adore shoes and purses, and aspire to choose traditional, versatile long-lasting seasonless pieces that can be layered, blended, and most importantly re-worn. Here are a few timeless SHOES from my closet that have had much use and will continue to do so.


I will start by emphasizing their COMFORT and versatility. These shoes save me on my long nights bartending. They are easy to take on and off, practical, and feel like walking on a cloud. Recommended: SUEDE CLEANER

Old Navy

I have girlfriends who will wear these until the snow hits the ground. They are cheap cheap and practical as well as available in a million colours.

Steve Madden

I fell in love with these because of the colour - the shiny nude mixes last season's colour with this season's texture and makes for a timeless practicality! These look gorgeous with jeans, skirts, dresses, anything but sweats (unless you are daring).


I have to admit I do not own these, at 500$ a pop I have a similar (cheaper) pair, so these are LUSTED after. Christmas is coming!

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