Fashion Week / Haute Couture

Fashion week almost everywhere has wrapped up, let's look at some of the highlights...
Everyone loves to oggle haute couture. Well, I do anyways. Just wanted to take this opportunity to remark on a particular moral that is often ignored in the fashion industry: the philosophy of modeling is that the designer wants the product to appear on the model as it would appear on a hanger. This means that skinny is not necessarily glamorous OFF the runway, or sexually appealing, but is necessary in order to depict the garments accurately. Now for some pictures!

Spring 2010
Dolce and Gabbana, Italy
Absolutely adore the two on the far left. The white tube top is feminine and delicate, and I love the way the neutrals work together. The boots are Western and fabulous, and the frills are prominent without being over-kill. The far right could do without the pants? I'd go with a light denim skinny jean to math the outfit.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010
Black, white, and lace are all trade marks of Dolce and Gabbana. Flawless and simple. Strong shoulders without being too masculine. The femininity of the material really balances out the masculinity of the form.

Isabel Marant Spring 2010
This top is snow white and again the tie at the bottom right corner offsets the masculin shape. The shiny black mini is perfectly balanced with the loose armed, flowy top. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous.

Celine Spring 2010
This bright coloured dress has asymetrical centered design that is funky and 80's. The Western, frayed boots at a glance appear to clash but adds a more urban, funky feel to this otherwise chic, retro dress.

Burberry Fall 2009
Milan, Italy
Sophisticated and fabulous! Oversized sweaters and shirts are in, but usually not done together. I love the neutrals and the leggings and boots are the best part of the outfit.

Dsquared2, a CANADIAN design duo, Dean and Dan Caten, Fall 2009
Milan, Italy
Retro and glamorous, this outfit has so much going on including an urban Starbucks cup to add to the city feel. The metallic heels take the look from slouchy to pulled-together.

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