Brights, whites and a day at the beach

I feel the breeze 
My top is down 
And all I do 
Is ride around 
And where I go 
I just don't care 
A place to chill 
To get away

I take it day by day 
No work or play 
Nowhere to stay 
And I just need 
To clear my mind 
To find my role 
In space and time

I'm just cruising 
And I wonder if I'll ever find my way


I went to the beach yesterday with one of my besties which was super relaxing!  I work tonight and tomorrow night as a bottle service girl.  That is the one job in the service industry I have not tried yet so it's pretty exciting!  Since I have the whole week free I will be looking for a career job soon.  I am 24 now and basically old enough to get out of the service industry!  Hopefully this new club will be fun it is a social club with a mature crowd.  Tonight I am wearing a black dress with blood red stilettos!  Stay tuned for pictures and don't forget to check out my last post with trend updates, more soon!  
Jen and I had a great time in Wasaga.  We laid on the beach, walked around and I handed out some promo flyers for the club... a lot of people seem really interested!

Purple bikini - Garage
White beach dress - Costa Blanca
Sunglasses - Guess
Beach blanket - Holt Renfrew
Wooden bracelet - Dominican market
Smashbox waterproof mascara
Banana Boat SPF 15 sunscreen oil spray
Mac golden bronzer (on cheeks)
Blistex Five Star lip protection

We also stopped at the Coach and BCBG outlets and picked up a couple treats.  

Stilettos - BCBG ($44)
Clutch - Coach ($35)
Ring - BCBG ($14)
Leopard bracelet - BCBG ($14)

It's Friday!  Have a great weekend, what are your plans?

XOXO Veronica


  1. I still absolutely ADORE those shoes and the clutch. I might go get the small purse or something in that pattern when I get paid

  2. I hope it went well and hope you'll find your way in the world of business :D! Lovely buys too, btw!


  3. love the outfit! :D And that looks like a wonderful day! :)
    sweet blog :)

  4. i like the shoes!

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  5. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
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  6. Love your purchases!!! Great blog!!!


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