Birthday festivities

Took my life from negative to positive
And I just want y'all know that
And tonight, let's enjoy life
Tonight I will love love you tonight
Give me everything tonight
For all we know, we might not get tomorrow

It was great to come back from vacation to gorgeous sunny warm weather!  Unfortunately I did not make it to the beach this weekend but it probably would not have compared to the Dominican beaches anyway. I had a great time with family and friends: had some great meals out, shopping, parties, I went to so many different bars and had drinks with my girlfriends and all in all it was a great long weekend here in North America.  For Canadians it was Canada Day and of course July 4 is Independence Day in the U.S.A. and somehow it always seems to time out perfectly for a nice long weekend.  I hope yours was great too and here are a few pictures!
On the way out for dinner before my camera died!
Dress - Kate
Necklace - Tiffany's
Cuff - Holt's
Shoes - Spring
Earrings - Banff
Trench - Costa Blanca
Bracelets - Glass, gift from Jen
At the Albion the night I turned 24! 
Dress - Suzy
Flower - H&M
The glowstick around my wrist was a wristband for the club.  Check out the necklace my girlfriend is wearing, I bought it for her in the Dominican!  
With some girlfriends before we went out.
At the Blue Jays game with my dad!  It was my first time seeing it live and it was a lot of fun except that I was feeling pretty rough from being at so many different bars and clubs over the weekend.  My dad bought me the hat, super cute!  I went to The Keg for dinner and then saw Transformers 3 - I recommend it highly, lots of action but the 3D didn't really do anything special except give me a headache.  I am off to bed have a great week!
I bought a new skirt from BCBG at such a steal and I love it!  Stay tuned and especially for trend updates I have lots!



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  2. hi beauty! love your dresses :) aren't baseball games so much fun! xoxo

  3. happy belated birthday :) :) I love the Dominican Republic, it is my favorite vacation spot so far!

  4. Hey lovely n sexy dress....n utterly looki dashing n sweet in this dress.

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