Working girl

I am never surprised by other people's behaviour, but I am often disappointed.

Quick photo of me at my new job, Earl's!  I love it so much, it is a chain from out West and there is a great staff and the food and atmosphere are incredible.  I am working about 45 hours a week so sorry for the lack of updates!  It has been raining nonstop too I can not wait for it to to start to be beautiful out like it was today!  We had the doors open up to the patio and I loved it because I am just such a summer girl.  I am wearing so many colours when I can now because all I wear at work is black.

The seasonal dress code is gold, tan and animal print accessories.

Photo taken the other day.
I love mixing up my belts, accessories, and outfits!  We have to wear heels so I found a comfy one inch wedge, they are a lifesaver.
Arm candy!
This dress is from Beyond the Rack.  It was 20$ and I love it!
My collection of arm bangles is growing since they help accessorize my work outfits.  I had to get a new jewelry box to put them in, I will show you how they are displayed soon.
I used to think that silver jewelry only looked good on me, but my gold collection is growing now too, it is nice sometimes to mix it up!

Leaving my house to go to work super tired!  Hot pink lipstick was a gift from an old friend.

Jacket - Zara
Dress - Club Monaco
Belt - taken from a sweater

I have been going out a lot too but when I drink I am horrible with my camera!  My girlfriends owe me a ton of pictures so I hope to get those up soon.  Going to take the Rebel out of her shell soon too!  I am stacking a ton of cash and saving for a trip to Europe.  I plan to go with a bunch of girlfriends maybe in August.  I hope everyone in Canada is having a great long weekend!

Belt - Value Village 2$
Necklace & bracelet - H&M 6$
Skirt - Guess
Top - Smart Set


P.S. I was so busy at work tonight I didn't notice that the world didn't end.  Hooray!


  1. You look gorgeous! What great deals on the Value Village belt and H&M jewelry. They look fabulous with the Smart Set top and that lovely Guess skirt.

  2. You look hot! Plain and simple you could easily go out for driniks or to a club without outfit as well, love it.

  3. Love your blog, so lovely pictures! Follow me : )

  4. love that one shoulder dress on you!


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