Hate, love, hate hate hate love

Everywhere I go,
The only thing I see
Is beautiful people...

This weekend was super busy at my work!  We had our grand opening patio party on Thursday and I have been working tons saving up a ton of money.  I haven't had a chance to go shopping in so long, I am going tomorrow since I have a day off!

I haven't gotten any outfits shot or anything like that but I did snap a few pictures on my phone lately so I thought I'd share a quick update!

Weather is finally warmer and I have lots of plans for this summer!  What are yours?

The guy at Starbucks told me that my coffee matches my hair!  Iced white mocha mmmm.

Close up on my mom's vintage necklace.  She got it as a gift from my grandparents when she was 13.  If you lift it up to look at it it shows you the time so it hangs upside down.  It has no battery and the wind-up stopped working years ago, but I still love it!

First two pictures:
Dress - H&M
Bracelets - Smart Set
Sweater - Winners
Necklace - Vintage

Second two:  
Dress - Club Monaco
Jacket - Garage
Bag - Boutique
Belt - Vintage (mom's)
Where I keep my accessories for work!   This is most of my gold jewelry, I usually wear silver.

My harp!
At a wedding.
Dress - Le Chateau

I hope everyone has a great week!
XO Veronica


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