Love & friendship

Love changes and best friends become strangers

Late at night I get thinking about life and what truly makes life worth living: friends and love.  Everyone is brought up differently with different values, role models and aspirations.  Relationships begin, grow, change, end, and sometimes they last.  Often your family will play a role in how you build relationships.  Being an only child is different from having siblings; brothers and sisters can also affect how one behaves in a relationship.

For example, a man who has a sister can be much more empathetic towards a woman's needs and everyday issues.  A woman with brothers may be able to relate to men more on a primal level. A woman with sisters who are much more successful and good looking than she is may feel like everything has to be a competition and she may not ever feel good enough.  She may allow a man to dither and go for other women as long as she still feels secure because he comes home to her.  An only child may be like this too, because they often look for attention, money, and security because they are so used to being spoiled.  It takes a real superstar parent to raise an only child without them becoming shallow. 

I do not mean to stereotype but I have had friends who put up with all sorts of disgusting behaviour from their men, who showed different values than what I cherish.  I believe in true love, honesty, respect and loyalty.  I do not tollerate people in my life who do not honour the same qualities.  I have really cared for people who have misunderstood my actions and made assumptions about me without proof.  They have shown a true face of materialistic and shallow morals in the end.  I am friends (to an extent) with most people I have dated but men who have cheated and lied or two-timed me do not make the cut.  You cannot control who you have feelings for but you can control who you let in your life.

Life is short, I love it every day, I have so much love to give and it really is a shame when it gets wasted.

Just a few memories from the past!
They make you who you are today.
And I am so thankful for what I have learned and for who I still have in my life <3 



  1. such a good blog! i definitely agree-luckily i have both a sister and a brother!

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  2. looks like you had some good fun!


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