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A great tip to start off with:  bright colours will enhance your mood!
I love wearing black but if I am feeling down I will wear something bright and it definitely lightens my spirits!
Use embellishments to draw attention to the body parts that you like the most.
Bright colours can draw attention to pretty eyes or lips, where tight shirts can show off hourglass curves and flat stomachs.
Lots of tunics and flowy-style tops will be forgiving around the middle where low-cut tops or tight jeans may draw attention to assets you are more proud to show off.
Most people can not pull off every single trend and style and knowing which styles flatter your body type will really make a difference to how you look and feel.
Photo from stylehive.com

Organize your closet:
All your items should be visible to you!   Out of sight, out of mind.
My closet!  Items tend to get swallowed but I insist on hanging everything in my closet that I plan on wearing.

Colour co-ordinate!
Keep similar items and colours together.

Closet organizers are amazing!  Some include:
Hangars with racks, bags, hoe racks, jewelry racks, drawer dividers, under bed storage

Plan your shopping:
I always make a list of the items I want to purchase before I go out shopping.  I will have an image of what I want in my head and I will not settle until I find exactly that for a reasonable price.  I hardly ever impulse buy.  If you really love something you might as well buy it though; you only live once.
A good idea is to leave the store for an hour or so and if you find yourself constantly thinking about it then you should probably go back and get it.

Make sure you have wardrobe essentials before you splurge on trendy items.
These should be in black or other versatile shades.
Some examples of this include:
Tops:  white and black blouse, camisoles, tanktops, v-neck t-shirts, dressy tops
Sweaters:  cardigans, hoodies, turtlenecks, cashmere v-necks, half sweaters, shrugs, shawls, wool sweaters, silk blouse
Dresses:  LBD, cocktail dresses, sun dresses, evening and party dresses, dresses for the office, bodycon, tunics, maxi, jumpsuits
One of my LBDs!  This one is from H&M and zips up to the top.  Worn with tights and socks in colder weather!
Leather Jimmy Choo for H&M Dress, Gucci belt
With my BFF and her LBD!  Getting ready for New Years.

Skirts:  denim, pencil, high-waist, printed, bodycon, casual, khaki, (black skirts are a must)
Pants:  denim, leggings, black dress pants, skinny jeans, light coloured dress pants, work out or yoga pants, sweat pants, khakis, black jeans, something patterned
Jackets:  leather, denim, trench, pea-coat (to wear with dresses), dress blazers, balmer, wool coat (especially if you live in Canada, I would also recommend a parka, Canada Goose makes the best ones)
Burberry classic trench - amazing!

Handbags:  clutch, satchel, tote, wristlet, a variety of medium-sized bags, oversized luggage, carry-on sized bags, shoulder bags, hobo
Hermes So Black Birkin

Shoes:  black Mary Janes, pumps, wedges, flats, runners, nude pumps, leather and suede boots, rubber boots or waterproof boots, winter boots, dress shoes, office shoes

Belts:  wide waist belts in black, grey or white, slim brown belts, embellished belts
Scarves:  wool scarves, cashmere, silk neck scarves, printed scarves
Hoisery:  socks in all shapes and sizes, sheer pantyhouse (nude or black), hold-up stockings, black opaque tights, cozy socks, ankle socks
Jewelry:  get as creative as you want!  I have seen jewelry wrapped around every inch of the body!  I recommend diamonds and pearls, classy and fabulous.
Other Accessories: gloves are big for fall 2010, flowers, headbands, leg warmers, arm and neck candy!

Photo from J. Crew

Develop Style:
Style is the collection of your life experiences with your artistic taste and also a reflection of your inner self.  Fashion fades but style is eternal.
A signature style comes from a collection of things that you like to wear that reflect and represent your personality, like a piece that you simply cannot go without.  I love purses I simply could not be without one!  (Sometimes two.) A lot of girls have one necklace they never take off, or an oversized pair of sunglasses that barely leaves their face.  There are many ways to enhance and define your style!
Get rid of the stuff that is NOT you, because it is only taking up space in your closet!

My style!

To find inspiration, try blogs, lookbooks or mannequins, magazines are my favourite!
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  1. Such good tips. I can't tell you how many women I've seen that look awful solely because of fit.


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  4. Nice post. I wish I was so organized like you when going shopping. I go in stores having certain items in my mind and finish by buying completely different ones lol.xx


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment:)

    Absolute great advice!! I agree...I recently did an entire closet redo..its amazing what we have tucked away in there isnt it? lol

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
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    i love that so black hermes bag !

    great post on organizing the closet too :)


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  8. this is an awesome post! thanks for all the tips :) I'm such an impulse buyer.. and I have waaaay too much stuff in my closet. It's true - out of sight, out of mind!

  9. super interesting post! love the trends for this fall, i can't wait to try them out!


  10. Very nice post. And I wish I was so organized like you when i am going to shopping. I go in stores having certain items in my mind and finish by buying completely different ones so next time i will do that so your post is very nice amazing


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