In New York...

In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
Those lights will inspire you,
Lets hear it for New York, New York, New York

I was actually surprised how many looks I adored from New York for spring.
I went with a lot of looks to share with you!
Hope you enjoy them.


I am now a stylist at Club Monaco!  I have my first shift this Saturday, wish me luck!  If you're not sure what they are about you can visit their website.

And now for New York!  A lot of the trends stood out and were repeated in Europe.  So many designers really shaped up for this season!


Anna Sui
This was my favourite line from New York.  This look is so unbelievably stunning, the sheer top with jewel detailing is perfect and the colour is subtle, neutral, and elegant.  The outfit is simple but sheer perfection!
Another Western/tribal look from the runway, this neutral colour palette works so well together.  The feathers, frills, and headpiece just push it over the top!
These two stunning looks mix feminine draping with subtle, tribal detailing.  The simple, practical-looking boots mixed with the neutral and soft colours in this line are absolutely stunning.

DKNY uses feminine silhouettes to emphasize the classic, tailored look perfect for the office or a day out.  These looks are so practical and there is a subtle pop of red to add some emphasis.  This was my second favourite line, I love every look!

This is always one of my favourite lines from New York.  The items are versatile, feminine, classic, and perfectly detailed.  The simple basic colour pallette is embellished with subtle feminine detailing like bows and flowers.
Another great look from Mulberry!  These shoes are perfect for spring and the dress can be made casual or dressy according to the rest of the styling!  The bright red background really make the looks stand out.

I love the silhouette, use of leather and the one shoulder.  The shoes are very avant-garde and lighten up the dark look of the dress.
The shape and structure of this outfit is very unique and put together beautifully.  The yellow belt adds a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral pallette.  Socks and sandals are big on the runway once again!
The cutout strips and asymmetry of this outfit is balanced lovely with the subtle yet bright detailed accessories.  A small pop of colour really adds to the look, and the shoes are once again fabulous!

Most of the spring looks by Max Azria are all white, simple, and stunning, like most of his spring looks!  Lots of draping and bandaging makes for a subtle variety of otherwise similar styles.

 Calvin Klein
The low v-necks and cutout backs are gorgeous on the simple array of looks from Calvin Klein.

Elle Tahari
This is slowly becoming one of my favourite designers!  The looks are so elegent, and the colours are so simple, just the way I like them!  The shiny, sparkly nudes come together in classic silhouettes to produce gorgeous looks.

 Isaac Mizrahi
This designer is starting to impress me more and more as well with gorgeous feminine detailing and soft pastel pinks.  Some great looks on this runway as well!

Ralph Lauren
This line was all about mixing delicate, feminine pieces with the outdoor country look.  Lots of brown mixed with white lace, low cuts, and Western accessorizing.  A great show!

Michael Kors
This line features draping, cropping, and some looser fitting styles.  Mixing business casual with a little funk and flavour is what this line is all about!

For more great looks check out style.com!

Coming up next:  London, and then Paris, where I left my heart when I was 10 or so!

Wish me luck at my new (and first) retail job ever!
Styling here I come!



  1. oh my god i am so inlove with anna sui.<3

  2. I gave you an award!


    xxx -Mallory

  3. omg.. so in love with ana sui! this year was a great year on the runway.. so many great pieces! But hers are def my fave!

  4. I love here DKNY!


  5. Anna Sui and Mulberry are SO fantastic! Congrats on your new project, that is SO exciting! Lovin your blog!

  6. Bonjour,
    Anna Sui and Ralph Lauren really impress me! Miss you, let's chat sometime soon and catch up!


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