Old School Road

You know that I love you,
Baby, but you just won't let me.
You know that I love you,
Baby, but you just won't let me.
Every morning I get up, I sip my cup;
My eyes get red, no-one to help me.
One more thing I'd like to say right here,
Baby, but you just won't let me.
One more thing I'd like to say right here,
Baby, but you just won't let me.
I'd like to say: baby, you so nice...
I'd like to do the same thing twice, yeah!


I love Bob Marley especially when the sun is shining!  The weather has been so nice around here I just had to get outside and take pictures!  I am pretty bad at taking photos of myself but I plan on going around with my girl friend to a lot of beautiful locations I drove past today to shoot.  We have talked about some themes and I have many more in mind, and along with her creative input I plan on shooting some great editorial style photos.  I think she would be a stunning model and photographer and her energy would really enhance my blog.
I am going to Calgary in a couple weeks to visit my best friend Natalie too, can't wait!  She has great style and has always been camera-happy.  I am so excited to see her.
My birthday is less than two weeks away and I am going to be working (it's a Friday night) but that's okay!  I am getting pretty old anyways and I don't really want to celebrate it, and there is always Calgary to look foward to, amazing shopping!
I was thinking about what it would like to work in a retail store as I was laying outside soaking up the sun on a Monday.  I hit a few malls and they were completely dead and amazing as it was to shop, it must be really boring to work there.  I am a night person and as much as I love browsing stores I couldn't stand being stuck between four walls for so long during the day unless it was a Holt Renfrew or other huge department store!  I love bartending and I know women that do it into their 40's because of the money.  However, I want a career in fashion and writing!  How much creative input can you possibly be allowed at stores that are shipped ready-made clothes?  I have heard horror stories of people working in retail and I have friends who work twice the hours I do and still don't make as much money.  Not to brag but I am wondering if the discount is really worth it and if any of you enjoy giving up your days to work in a clothing store?  Is it worth it for the LOVE OF FASHION?
Without further rambling, I present you two outfits with the SAME PAIR OF SHOES.  They are so comfortable I could not take them off my feet.

 Totally cheesy smile!  In my front yard, wearing shorts I cut myself from jeans and a shirt I picked up at a thrift store with my friend Rachel, who I plan to do photoshoots with in the near future!
 Outfit with a simple black sweater and my super comfortable shoes I love!
You can see my chocolate lab and his tongue at the door!  His name is Bosco, after an episode of Seinfeld.  (George's secret code.)
Being silly with my camera in the bathroom while getting ready and blow drying my hair.
Shorts and shoes!  On my way out the door.
Out in the boonies where I call home :)
Pulled over to take some landscape pictures, the sky was so beautiful on my way down to the city.
Next afternoon, on my way to a graduation dinner.  It was beautiful again so I pulled over again and took more pictures!  Street sign in the boonies!

Really bright sun!  Squinting big time.
Graduation dinner for my girlfriend at the Mandarin just outside the boonies. 
My two ladies and I at dinner, congratulations Jen!  I know you read my blog and you are a sweet heart as well as beautiful!
 Jen and her Strawberry Daiquiri at dinner after her graduation from University and College.

Mini cowboy hat in the rearview mirror of my lil sis Caleigh's car!  She's such a country girl or as she calls herself a "hick" where I am only a "wannabe hick" because she's always lived in a rural area and I only moved up here when I was 18!  Thought it would be a great way to end the post, since my location is a lil' country.  (Even though I can drive downtown Toronto within half an hour!)

Sorry it was so long!

Day 1
Shorts - DIY Guess jeans
Top - Urban Behaviour bought Thrift
Shoes - SPRING 29$
Necklace - Forever 21

Day 2
Skirt - Zara
Tanktop - Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21

I'm off to surf all your blogs now :)



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  2. ah so jealous that it is warm enough for you to wear those clothes hehe

  3. You look gorgeous! And you're right, bob is the most perfect summer music!

  4. Those are some awesome shoes!!! :D :D I LOVE your blog header!

  5. thx for your comment! :o)


  6. like the shoes

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  7. you are so pretty!! love the cut off denims xx

  8. Wow, you look gorgeous!! Great outfits! But I'm guessing everything you put on looks fab!

  9. fantastic photos! and fabulous look - perfect for summer and so comfy as well! great sandals!

  10. I love your first outfittt!!*

    Visit my blogs! >:-D


  11. Veronica how does one get hold of you?
    Can you let me know what your email address


  12. no wonder you´re wearing the shoes nonstop, they´re gorgeous!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  13. I love both looks, except the shoes....



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