Love changes and best friends become strangers

Always been told that I've got too much pride
Too independent to have you by my side
But my heart said, all of you will see,
Just won't live for someone until they'll live for me...
Never thought I would find love so sweet
Never thought I would meet someone like you

People tend to think waitressing, serving, and bartending are easy. You bring them food and drinks.  Wrong.  Well, right.  But there’s a lot more.  Did you think about the effort it took to set up your table?  Clean everything in the restaurant?  Polish your cutlery?  Make sure the kitchen understood EVERY WORD OF YOUR INSANELY PICKY ORDER IN THE MIDDLE OF A GIGANTIC RUSH?   Then we take your dirty chicken wing bones, used cutlery, napkins and everything else and dispose of it and clean up the area again.  There is also a tip-out at basically every single place where the hostesses, expo, kitchen, buss boys, managers, owners, Freddy and his neighbour get a piece of your tips based on percentage of sales.

So at the club 4% of 2000$ is 80$ that I tip out.  At Earl’s if I sold 2000$ I would tip out 100$ of my hard earned, chicken wing bone cleaning endured money.  I add up what I have given away over time and it really does make me sad. 
We also entertain, listen to your stories, cater to your every whim, and bring you endless thirst quenching if we are good. 

I am venting because I had a walk out…I brought a table two bottles: Grey Goose and Veuve, and they ran out on their 425$ bill.  Sometimes I can be too trusting.  (Normally I am supposed to take payment upfront or a credit card.)  I am stuck with their bill now, and even at basic cost of bottles that comes up to over 100$. Fortunately we have their last name, e-mail and possible credit card information, I may not be out of pocket but it was still a stressful situation.

I am tired of working until the wee hours of the morning. I just want to style, write, and make beautiful things happen, I am tired of bartending, serving and dealing with intoxicated patrons. 

On the flip side, it can be a lot of fun, it is a social job that has helped me develop stellar communication skills.  Here are some photos from the last few weeks, sorry I have been M.I.A.!  Winter fashions coming soon ;) 

Veronica the Viking
Veronica the masked ballerina

How was your Halloween?
Best costume you saw?

XO Veronica


  1. such cute photos! just discovered your blog!

    Love xx

  2. hmm, I love your mask costume!
    happy halloween to dear ;)

  3. very nice post!
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  4. excellent. i like veronica the viking.


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