Baby, it's cold outside...

Clouds above go sailing by
I found my meaning in this life
Clear white is flying in my eyes
Underneath a blue blue sky
The waves come rolling in with the tide.

All the people rushing by by by
Looking for meaning in this life
So used up and blinded by lies
They're underneath the blue blue sky
The way they seldom seem to smile
I don't know why

I've been away too long
And everyday I missed you more
You look like you did before only prettier
Everyday I love you more

Can you believe it is minus 20 outside?
That's Celcius, for you Americans, I don't really know what the conversion is.  TRANSLATION:  FREEZING COLD.
So I was reminiscing about the Christmas holidays.
I have never had a break that taught me so much about love and life.
It was supposed to be relaxing, and it definitely was, I had time off work, got a lot of great presents, spent a lot of time with people that meant a lot to me, and mostly I really took a lot of time to reflect on choices I have made and people I have chosen to give time and energy to.
It is important that you surround yourself with positive people that will bring joy and happiness to your life and not drain you of your energy.
During the holidays it is also important to take time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for and everyone that has shaped your life and made you who you are.
Just wanted to share a few photos and they are mostly gifts from the people in my life.
I wanted to thank everyone for making my holiday a great one, at home and out West where I visited.
Back in school and starting to dream about the spring...and summer...(who am I kidding I've been doing this since September)
My next post will be about upcoming fashion trends.  What is sticking around, what is leaving, and what I am lusting over for when the warmer weather arrives.  CAN'T WAIT!  
To bring you back to the holidays here are some photos and as promised my new LV!!!!

 My Louis Vuitton bag.  LOVE IT, even though it is basically bigger than I am.  I take it everywhere.
My babe told me I couldn't touch it, so clearly I had to.
Q:  Why is the hockey hall of fame in Toronto?
A:  That's the only way the Stanley Cup will ever be in Toronto!
Me and the Obamas at the Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Sporting my LV, of course.
Jess & I downtown Toronto.  Wearing my leather wedge boots from Aldo I got on sale in Alberta.  Facing the cold in bare legs like a true Canadian.
 Inside the club.  Blurry Blackberry pic.  As you can see my friend is blonde in this picture but her hair colour never lasts long... :)
At another nightclub in Toronto.  Wearing a skirt from Urban Behaviour, socks from Club Monaco and a random tanktop.  
My dresser with some new Christmas goodies.  I had fake nails for two weeks of my life (worst idea ever) and it's been months and my nails are still damaged.  I got some awesome nail trauma treatment, I will post the details in a beauty blog coming soon.
Gorgeous new goodies for Christmas!  They are all gifts except the bracelet I picked up on sale in Banff.
My mom bought a sleigh and put it in our front yard.  I don't know what she plans on doing with that thing for the rest of the year.
My mum and my family on a horse drawn sleigh Christmas eve!  It takes us on a ride around our neighbourhood and has become a yearly tradition for us.

Of course I will leave you with one more picture of my gorgeous new bag...
Thanks again for reading!!!


  1. love your necklaces & your lovely new bag! thank you so much for your wonderful comment - really made our day! <3

    hope you'll come visit us again soon!
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  2. omg im in love with that LV BAG!

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  6. Awesome posts! LOVEEEE that LV bag!! Also love the cute skirt for Urban Behavior.



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