Outfit - Denim and lace

It’s been a long time since I came around
It’s been along time but I’m back in town
But this time I’m not leaving without you

You taste like whiskey when you kiss me ooh
I’ll give up anything again to be your baby doll
Yeah this time I’m not leaving without you

You said sit back down where you belong
In the corner of my bar with your high heels on

Just a quick outfit post, these photos were from last week before we went out for my step brother's 20th birthday to The Keg for dinner.  No one in my family knows how to take pictures so they came out kind of blurry!  Three days off work so I promise I will do more blogging.

Me and my beautiful mother!  Love you Mum.  She is where I get my wavy hair from obviously, except I usually straighten it.
Blurry picture of me and my step brother Josh!  Happy birthday!  Our parents have been together 15 years.
Messing around with mirrors in my room!  

Dress, Urban
Blouse, Guess
Boots, Payless
Bag, Gucci



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