New Years Bodypaint Disaster

2am at home, in pyjamas

1am at pizza pizza...the girl who assured me the paint would "wash off"...i wonder how long she spent in the shower

11pm on the dance floor...in the back right corner the body paint throwing began

my boyfriend and me at 1145am... hiding from the body paint throwers

my best friend and me getting ready in the bathroom, 9pm

11pm on the dancefloor, minutes before the splatter

The outfit:
350$ Jimmy Choo black leather dress
DKNY tights
Dollhouse studded ankle boots
Vintage clutch

The event:
Masquerade @ St Stephen's Church in Toronto

The dilemma:
I arrived at this event with my boyfriend and my best friend Natalie. I saved a dress which I bought a few months ago for this particular event, a black leather Jimmy Choo for H&M dress that I loooove. The venue was gorgeous, but the attitude was of high school drama and immaturity. Some clever tricksters decided to throw around "washable" body-paint around, and for some reason I was a target over my 6"4 boyfriend or my booty-licious friends. After my boyfriend came to the rescue and stole a cloth from the bar's kitchen (the one-stall bathroom had lineups and fights over it) we spent half an hour cleaning the paint off my dress. We had a few minutes of countdown celebration, hiding out in the back, but as soon as we hit the dancefloor I got splattered again. We left the bar by 12:30 and continued the party at my house.
The bartenders at my work were rolling in money the next day and I was scrubbing the paint off my gorgeous leather-themed outfit.
Great times.
Happy new years to all, and I'm hoping that the year to come will contain health, happiness, and hot outfits. :) <3


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