Halloween Fashion

I'm absolutely exhausted, 13 hours at the bar and I'm ready to sleep for a week. Yesterday was lots of fun, dressed up as a beer wench (again) and when I wasn't full-to-capacity slaving alcohol to screaming customers I tried to take pictures of costumes that were notably fantastic. Here are some good ones!

Jigsaw. Won 100$ for Best Costume

This one I picked as a personal choice for SCARIEST COSTUME

This picture is simply amazing, pose and all

The Joker. This guy even spent months growing his hair for the gig. Props man!

My big boss, Batman, with his buddy from Kiss. Things got a little intense with the Joker around last night.

A Witch. Not super original, but this is my owner of my bar (co-owned by her son) and she is fabulous.

My Beer Wench costume & the Cocktail Waitress / Officer Sexy Steph

My best friend Natalie the Playboy Bunny

Another BFF Elyse always rocks the Halloween costume ideas. This Josie & The Pussycats collaboration was from a few years back - AMAZING - she totally stole the show. I believe the guitar was even hand made.

Ghostbusters!!! The boots & the backpacks are definitely the best parts of these costumes. Another excellent idea from Elyse. I have yet to see her costume from this year but I'll be sure to add it when I do!

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